Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5: Your zodiac sign and your thoughts on star signs

I am a Cancerian.

Born just in time to be a tax deduction or a day too early for you to get my gift in the Mid year Stocktake Sales.

The sign of the crab.

With an outside shell harder than brick and an inside so soft and gooey it runs all over your hand.

Cancer the crab is meant to be a homely sort, preferring close family, friends and the comforts of home, while she goes about nurturing and mothering all she meets.

In many ways I am exactly what my star sign suggests, or I can wangle the words I like to hear to make me think I am.

Yet star signs are not something I believe in.

Is my personality really to be set by the day I ended up arriving in the world? It just doesn't make sense at all.

I don't read star signs. I never remember what star sign my kids are.

Yet, oddly, when I read about the personality style of the humble little Cancerian Crab I do think that it describes me accurately in many many ways.

What's your sign? Do you believe in the zodiac signs?


  1. I don't read my star sign, but I do find that some of the descriptions are accurate, or maybe it's just that I like some of them so I pretend they are accurate? A bit like the star signs you read in the paper, so generic they can be applied to everyone really? Day 5 - CHECK!

  2. I'm your new follower, loving your family photo idea!!

  3. Hey Claire, as you will discover, I am a scorpion. Like you, some things ring true and others don't. I don't read my start signs either. I do work with a guy who is right in to it and charts the exact time you are born.

  4. I am the same! Not the same star sign, I am a Sagittarius, but in that I think I have the traits of my star sign but I do not believe in the "everyday" horoscopes.

    Jos xx

  5. Nope, I don't believe in them one bit - especially since in my university days I read that 'This week you will either get pregnant or win Tattslotto.'

  6. My sister is a cancerian, I'm a Gemini. I use to to be totally into astrology, then I grew up and decided it was just stupid, esp when I look at my friends who have twins, and their twins are chalk and cheese (you know what I mean).
    So yeah, I'm like you with feelings on the 'zodiac'.

  7. I am July born too ;) and I don't believe in the spin on the stars.

  8. I'm a Leo - growing up most of my friends were Leos or Saggis. My kids are Leo, Saggi and Gemini. As a teenager I had a Gemini boyfriend that delighted in totally driving me up the wall. I really hope there isn't too much in star signs as I'm not sure I can deal with another teenage boy like that one!!!

  9. I'm a non neat-freak Virgo. I think they're a bit of a crock. But harmless enough.

  10. A day to early to get gifts in the sales, made me giggle.

  11. It's the Barnum effect. Say something vague and the person will agree.
    I'm a Virgo and I am like a whole lot of those cancer things at times.

  12. Logically, I know they're crap, but I do love a horoscope. And the year ahead forecasts in January? LIVE FOR THEM.

    I did blog last night but not to this topic so I didn't link up. I put myself to bed early with an earache (what am I, five?) and am doing the same again tonight. Yours truly, Sookie La La

  13. I love horoscopes in a fun way not in a serious-live-my-life by them way. I actually put more faith in the Chinese Horoscope rather the Western version


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