Friday, May 9, 2014

May 9: Of all the icecream in the world, the best flavour is

One of Immy's favourite books is Lady Bug Girl.

Lady bug girl is wise and brave and silly and has a dog and a team of friends called the Bug Squad.

In one book, Lady Bug girl lists all of her favourite ice cream flavours...and Vanilla. It's one of our favourite pages, because LadyBug girls' Mum confirms it is a two scoop kind of day. And we really like two scoop days.

Excuse the poor quality image, it's a snap from the book for you.

When it comes to ice cream flavours I am more fussy about the ones I don't want than the ones I do.

I don't want chocolate. I don't want nuts.

I certainly don't want rainbow.

I do want caramel. I want home made. I want super creamy and while a gelato or sorbet is ok, it never quite goes as well as a super creamy caramel swirl in a waffle cone.

Do you have a favourite ice cream? Have you had to scrub Rainbow flavour from a white dress of a five year old?


  1. Gelato will never, NEVER cut it. Ever.

    See I am all about the chocolate and the nuts and not such a fan of the caramel. Ice-cream is a seriously personal business. To be honest, I think it was mighty brave of you to open up this contentious issue.... ;)

  2. I am going to have to get that book, it sounds great. I do like caramel. Magnums are my favourite.

  3. I am a chocolate girl, and also fussy about how I eat my ice-cream. Who knew ice-cream could bring up such strong opinions?

  4. Make mine vanilla with bits of cookie dough (not cookies, mind you) in it. Or bits of reece's pieces. Yummo!

  5. Hokey Pokey, vanilla with honeycomb. I love it. Don't get it very often, but when I do oh, yum.
    To make has to be hands down Carrie Brown's (SANE Icecream cookbook) Cinnamon, oh my word *drools*

  6. I generally don't do lumps!!! I'm trying to be more adventurous with ice-cream, it's not a bad ambition to have ;)

  7. As NZ'er my favourites are hokey pokey and goody gum drops - BUT I have to admit that I can take or leave ice-cream now I'm an adult as I'd much rather have a glass of red than the ice-cream - is that bad or what? xx

    1. That is a very wise decision Emily. Very wise indeed.

  8. if icde cream - send the chocolate ice cream round too!

  9. My favourite packaged ice cream is the old Golden Gaytime, closely followed by a vanilla drumstick and almond magnum. As for flavours, firstly it has to be in a waffle cone and then it's a tie between old english toffee and macadamia and butterscotch. :) I know what I like!

  10. I hadn't even thought about packaged ice-creams until I started reading other posts! For me, it's chocolate. I blogged today but I had to choose a different topic, because it would have been one word. Or I could have beefed it up to four words - the chocolatier, the better.

  11. I agree I'm more fussy about the ones I won't eat too.
    I am very inspired to go shopping and buy the best ice cream I can today - it's Mother's day weekend right and the festival of mothers should start today even if we do have to do our own enabling.
    I also got up at 5:30 am to go running soon.


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