Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 14: One of your favourite images of all time

This is freakin harder than I thought. I want to show you how educated in the arts I am and share some amazing photo that I see which is spectacular and when you saw it you would think, FAR OUT, Clairey had this amazing image on her blog.

Sorry. I am in struggle town with this one.

An image that has always made me think has been this one. I have often thought about the photographer (who took his own life not long after this event) the child - whose fate we don't know. I have thought about how the world we live in exists the way it does.  But it's not my favourite, it's not something I want to look at all the time.

I have lots of images of my kids that I love, but I can't say any of them are particularly more amazing then the rest. Photos of my kids are always lovely. Can you ever have enough photos of your kids?

I do have my favourite artwork ever, I have a cheapie reproduction of it in my lounge room. I will always recall the first time I saw it on the wall at the Museum in London.

If you don't know this image, it's The Bathers by Cezanne. The bodies are not male or female, the colours are perfect. It's peaceful. It makes you decide the story of what is happening and each time you stare at it for a long time you might see a different story, it's busy in its simplicity.

Do you have enough photos of your kids? Can you name your favourite image? 


  1. I don't think you can ever have enough photos of your kids. Or your cats.

  2. Harrowing is the only word I can think of for that first image. I've seen it before too and its really not easy on the eye is it. However I think we should look at it, to remind of just how lucky in life we are.

  3. Powerful image Claire. Never enough photos of our kids, I think :)

  4. That image of the child is so heart breaking, but it's a reality that we don't speak about.
    As they say pictures say a thousands words, and sometimes there are no words, there are just emotions.
    What I love about pictures is that everyone can interpret something different out of them. No 2 descriptions of the same image are the same.
    And yes, you can never have too many photo's of your kids, they just grow up way too fast.

  5. Such a strong and powerful image. It brings tears to my eyes.
    I don't think you can have enough photos of your kids, I love capturing all of their emotions and experiences.

  6. You're right it's hard! I could have spent all day happily looking through photos. No such thing as too many photos.

  7. I'd say that I don't have enough photos of my kids. The ones I do have I absolutely treasure. I love your choice of favourite image.

  8. This was a hard one, so I just grabbed the ones I've been playing in my mind today. Yours are so grown up and worldly! Love the Cezanne!

  9. That first photo is so confronting, so heartwrenching. To think of the photos I have of my kids, smiling, happy playing. This is one photo no parent wants to see, but thankyou for grounding me with it. xx

  10. i may already have lots of photos of my kid, but a few more does hurt right?!

  11. YOu can never have too many. That image is startling and Cezanne is awesome ...I see boobs though.


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