Monday, April 29, 2013

The Life of an Underwear Model.

This is a sponsored post.

Mr H continues to be surprised at where this blogging caper will take not only me, but him too. One day he is mowing the lawn, the next I am asking if he wants to change our plans for the weekend. Initially he wasn't sure, things were planned and people were organised but it seems the people over at Berlei HQ have decided that photoshopped models are not always the best people to tell Ms Average how a product works. In fact, Ms Average might be able to road test a product for the market instead. 

A road test is of course best completed on a road trip, or in the words from the Berlei HQ PR Team: "Your Ultimate Night Out".

Berlei asked me to take my very own Ultimate Night Out, but the catch was I had to do it in the new Berlei Dig Free range of undergarments. 

Considering we already had plans for the weekend, we did initially say no, but then Mr H and I agreed, as I am trying to be more spontaneous, trying to say YES to good things and making an effort to ensure  I grab all the good bits out of life, we got on the phone, re-arranged everyone and called in the in-laws to baby sit.

We are not very fussy people and with only 24 hours to finalise bookings we left the arrangements up to the Berlei PR crew with the only instructions being that we needed a hotel and tickets to the comedy festival. They also organised and booked in a dinner reservation for us. We actually didn't really make any decisions other than the date we wanted to go! A surprise night.

The hotel was fine, no complaints but nothing spectacular, the dinner was fabulous. We dined in Flinders Lane at Terra Rosa, what a great spot, so happy we now know it is there. We lashed out on meals that we wouldn't usually splurge on, prawns, pork belly, swordfish and steak, but I had a job to do, I needed to check how comfy the Dig Free stockings really were. Some things can only be tested on a fully bloated tummy. Would they stay true to their advertising word and make me feel fabulous and comfortable? 

I washed my enormous meal down with a drink called "Them Apples", possibly the best drink ever, a cocktail of vodka and cloudy apple juice, with cinnamon and apples in it.  It was more than worthy of instagramming, but the night was too good to bother with the virtual world. 

We rolled out the door and across the street to Arj Barker, playing at the Comedy Festival, me still very comfy in my underwear and very thankful they were not some kind of spanx corset stockings, there really was no space left, but with no real waistband, there was no rolly bit that was hanging out here there and everywhere.

Arj Barker served us an hour of laughs. Mr H even saying he was laughing so much at one stage that his face contorted into his "ugly face" - that one where your mouth drops open, your eyes squish up and your breathing goes funny so no sound is coming out of your mouth. Good times even if it isn't a great look.

I tried to get a decent photo, I tried to be the type of model that shows how a garment looks, but it was night time, the lights of the city mucked up the lighting and really we were just enjoying the night too much to stop and click. This means I don't have any glam shots of me swanning around in my underwear for you. Sorry. (Not really, you should probably thank me)

But the test is simply this: Would I buy the Dig Free Stockings? 

I would. They are priced at $19.95 which is the same price as another brand I often buy. They are also MUCH cheaper than the leggings I have bought in recent years and so so much more comfortable. As a Melbourne person, I wear black boots pretty much six months of the year and these stockings were great. I am not a huge fashionista, I dress for comfort and anything that fits in a mummy tummy with a smile rather than a seam works for me.

It seems clear that for me, people I love, good laughter, food, and Them Apples make up my ultimate date night. 

But the fun needs to be shared around!

Maybe it is because they are all in comfy underwear and not getting their knickers in a knot, but the Berlei HQ team are also giving everyone else a chance to win too.

They want you to answer this question: 

Share how you make yourself feel like a ‘desirable woman’ to win: "The Ultimate Date Night" – dinner for two, one night’s stay in a hotel, limo transfers, and Berlei Dig Free product"

The competition will be run across a few blogs. Click around the bloggy traps and you can enter at each site (there will be one winner only)

Competition Fine Print: 
1) Leave a comment on this post to be in the draw to win
2) Comments open Monday 29 April and close midnight Monday 20 May 2013
3) Only Australian residents are eligible to enter
4) Judges decision is final. 
5) You can enter as many times as you like
7) Winner will be the one person who entertains the judges the most.

Go ahead, get comfy, leave a comment.


  1. To make myself feel "desirable" I go the "lowering the standards" approach. How I do this is by wearing my pyjamas all day and only brushing my hair on special occasions.
    Then, when we are going out I shower and dress and put on a bit of lippy and look and feel amazing in comparison to my usual self. Hence, thus, therefore, I don't need to make much effort to get to the desirable mark.
    If I dressed nicely everyday I would have to step it up an extra notch to get there - meh, too hard.
    I am of course totally kidding... almost.
    omg, I hope this wasn't a 25 words or less thing... *scrolls up* phew! it's not.
    love the price of these. Do they come in Pyjamas?

  2. I got to crash test a pair of these tights too! Was so awesome to have a night out. I'm glad you had fun :)

  3. I too tested some of those stockings. You look wonderful in yours, but most importantly you look happy. x

  4. Claire, I love this and what a fab night!! X

  5. I need to feel comfortable with what I am wearing. My clothes need to fit right, not to big and not digging in. Then a few small touches - love a pair of fancy heels to give me a little extra height, nice underwear (the type not to show line) and some funky earrings. These extras make me feel like like a desirable woman, even if teamed with something simple like my favourite pair of jeans.

  6. As I've got older I've realised what makes me feel 'desirable woman' is being comfortable and happy in both my own skin and my clothes! I no longer wear things that the world says look good but rather turn to clothes the make me personally feel comfortable and that I like. That way you tend for totally forget about clothing and just let YOU shine through :)

    (Looking might fine there Ms Claire!!)

  7. Anything that holds in my mummy tummy without making me feel like I'm being cut in half is a winner for me. I make myself feel desirable by avoiding nasty skin tone bike short type under wear- that stuffs a real passion killer!!

  8. Such a great post Claire. I LOVED the fact that you enjoyed the night rather than instagraming the night away. That's the real way to enjoy a date night I reckon.

    They look super comfy. I haven't been to Flinders Lane in so *sigh*

    Glad you enjoyed it xoxo

  9. Jarree ShelvertonMay 1, 2013 at 3:11 PM

    I feel the most desirable when the kiddies go to be and I can finally wash all the baby spew, snot, and food remnants of the day away. Put on some clean PJ's and spray that much loved scent (Salvador Dali Dalissime). So just for a little while I'm even desirable to me.

  10. Sounds like you had a fantastic night. A kid-free dinner with hubby and the chance to wear my "good" clothes are when I feel most desirable.

  11. When you're five foot nothing, a pair of heels always makes me feel desirable! Clothes optional! ;)
    PS. You look gorgeous in that pic, Claire. Sounds like you both had a great night away too.

  12. To make myself desirable takes quite an amount of time .... starting with a bubble bath, glass of wine, shaving everywhere, glass of wine, straightening my hair, glass of wine, finally pulling on some sexy stocking and a fabulous new dress, of course by this glass of wine I am feeling REALLY desirable and can't walk in my new heels!

  13. A new lacy bra preferably coloured, red lipgloss and a dress that skims my figure is how I make myself desirable. Amazing what a bit of gloss can do to get me in the mood!

  14. Hmm - a trip to the hairdressers (I wish) and some decent matching underwear - makes a change from the usual beige assortment!

  15. For me to feel sexy again (after having my tummy stretched five times with five babies!) I like to dress in nice undies, and a good quality Bra. Would be ideal if they matched! But now days all it takes to feel like a desirable women is for my hubby to say I look sexy - he rarely (ok hardly ever) tells me I look good so when he calls me "Sexy" then I must look half decent.
    Oh and good quality make-up helps!

  16. I never wear make-up, so if I have a chance to do make-up and hair for a night out, then I feel all kinds of desirable! And a gorgeous outfit (preferably from Review!) is the icing on the cake.

    With the appropriate underlayers on too, of course :). Great giveaway. Thanks for hosting!

  17. Being comfortable is always a good thing (hence my current attire of daggy tshirt and pj pants) Desirable though? I like to frock up, do my face properly, wear clothes that I don't wear every day to work... and when the bloke gave me That Look the first time he saw my new bathers and said 'cor you look orright'

    (Actually, enquiring minds would like to know about the incidence of crotch-creep with these tights. I wear leggings all the time because of it)

  18. You look like you had a fabulous night!

    Love the look of these stockings...I haven't found them yet I looked in Woolworths and Target...any idea where they might be stocked?

    How you make yourself feel like a ‘desirable woman’?

    Such a hard question to answer after two kids....last time I tried it took me the whole day to get ready!
    Did my nails - then did Miss 3 and Miss 6 nails as they couldn't miss out! Straightened my hair...a mammoth effort with 2 kids eager to help with my very dangerous hair straightener!!
    Then tried on every dress I own with various "shapewear" slips and frazzled and had a little sulk....took off incredibly uncomfortable shapewear, put on dressing gown, opened bottle of wine.
    My husband got home gave be a kiss, said "I'll pop the kids in the bath, you put on some music and relax" So I did, popped on a little black dress, stockings and black heels and my husband said I looked fabulous and Miss 3 said I looked like a princess!!
    So my motto for feeling desirable is to relax, just be me and never forget the power of a glass or two of Chardonnay.

    1. Hi Tarsh, you can buy them straight from the website if you can't find them in the stores - they might be moving quickly at the moment. So comfy!

    2. Thanks for that, thinking I need the leggings and the opaques...they are great value and if they are comfortable as well it's win/win. My current leggings I accidentally bought hipsters...not good after 2 kids whoops :)

  19. The best way to make myself feel like a desirable woman is shaving my legs and getting the hair on top of my head all done up nicely. Stand in front of hubby in some sexy lingerie or buck naked and I'm roaring to go.

  20. To begin with it's all about me time. Locking myself in the bathroom, taking a long shower or bath, shaving my legs, washing my hair, doing my feet, painting my toenails, blow drying my hair, applying make-up at a leisurely pace (without a toddler trying to steal my favourite lipstick and use it as a bath crayon), all while intermittently sipping a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc or three. Then it's all about finding the right *matching* underwear, your favourite outfit and a squirt of your favourite perfume before hitting the streets with the love of your life. Seriously need to do this more often!

  21. I make myself feel desirable by making sure I leave the house WITHOUT children or their snot/vomit on me. I'm a simple soul really ;)

  22. Presently, with a 10 week old & 4 year old at home, with a husband who's basically working around the clock, I'm at my most desirable when I'm able to wash my face and assemble a matching outfit free from spew or poo before leaving the house :) But in the last few days I've decided it's time to rediscover my "mum-jo" (what you call mojo after motherhood hits) so perhaps these Berlei Dig Free's would be a good start for me!

  23. What makes me feel like a desirable women... hairdresser to remove the "white strip" at the top of head, followed by free flowing frock (to hide the bumps)and out to dinner.

  24. Oh 'what a night' ...I bet you are singing it now too !
    I dyed my hair purple to make me feel more desirable and I slip into something easy to remove in the dark.

  25. I feel desirable when I slip on my black leather boots ...sans the whip !

  26. You look gorgeous and I love that you enjoyed the moment rather than instagramming everything. Even better that you were comfy too. I make myself feel desirable by actually making an effort - so often these days I'm busy making the kids look good (or even dressed LOL), that I'm last. It's rare for me to have time to put time and effort into my own appearance, so to wear something special and do my hair and make-up is a treat.

  27. I don't need make up, I don't need flashy clothes, I don't need a new hair do or even I new hand bag! All I need is a few glasses of my favourite Sav Blanc and I am the sexiest, most desirable woman on the planet! (At least I think I am)

  28. I don't need fancy clothes, I don't need flashy shoes, I don't need new shoes or a new handbag.......all I need to make me feel desirable is a few (or many!) glasses of my favourite Sav Blanc....I also feel desirable when I have matching socks on and I am not screaming "Get To Bed"

  29. I don't need flashy clothes, I don't need a new hair do or new handbag and I don't even need new shoes...all I need to make me feel desirable is a few (or many!) glasses of my favourite Sav Blanc!

    I also feel desirable when I am not screaming 'GET TO BED!'


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