Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19: Your favourite restaurant meal

French Onion Soup. 

In Paris. 

Somewhere in the red light district.

I have no idea where I was, the name of the restaurant or what else happened that night, simply can't remember. 

But the meal was a three course pre paid type of thing and when I sat down the first thing on the menu to be served was French Onion Soup. 

I had only known French Onion Soup as a powdered packet mix used in casseroles. I was not that fond of onions and was annoyed that I was going to be served what I expected to be dirty water. 


It was simply amazing. I had never and have never had anything like it. 

Maybe it was because my expectations were so low. Maybe it was the fact I had been backpacking for some months and not eaten a lot of good food, maybe it was just a damn good chef who knew how to make a very decent french onion soup. 

I have never tried to make it myself, but have ordered it at other restaurants and never be as impressed. 

Do you have a favourite restaurant meal?


  1. I feel like French Onion soup Paris of course :)

  2. I only associate French Onion Soup with cream cheese dip or adding to a casserole or something. Must try French Onion Soup when next in Paris! xx

    1. I haven't tried that for a dip - but it is probably just like buying the old style Kraft french onion dip - my fave from the 80s (I think it was the only one we had).

  3. Yum. Soup! The one night J and I spent in Paris, we ate at a kebab shop!!! I did try frogs' legs when I was there in my younger years though ;)

  4. I've had a good French Onion Soup once and it was surprisingly amazing. I tried recreating it myself - straight in the chook's bucket. I had a lot of trouble thinking of my own favourite - does that mean I don't get out enough?

  5. I made FOS at school it took ages to chop the onion so precisely and make the beef stock.

  6. How awesome to find the best French onion soup in the world in a red light district!!

  7. Well. I know why you loved it so much. It was in Paris. I'm sure everything tastes better in Paris. Last week I went to a french restaurant in Brisbane. The food was amazing and the french onion soup delicious (I'm not usually a fan), but I'm still sure it would have all tasted better in Paris. Try and convince me otherwise ;) xx


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