Monday, March 12, 2018

Remember Summer 2018

Some years, the weeks fly by and they are just good weeks even though the days are not significant.

The moments are fleeting, yet they are jigsaw pieced together to form a picture that represents an image of good times.

In future years we might not remember exactly what happened this past summer that made it something so remarkable for being so casual.

But the magic of internet sites and the oft considered a gift from the devil - the digital footprint - allows us to place the things we did, right here, right now. A catalogue to refer to and remember, when we need it.

It was a long summer, that started when school finished in the first week of December. It was also the first time since they were born that I spent a full 6 weeks away from the office and with the girls, which is something to treasure just by itself. Removing the need to find a solution for summer holiday care provided space for so much.

We had a 9th birthday to kick us off and spent it sliding around and down the most massive slides in all the lands at Funfields. There was ice cream and cake and singing and smiles.

We had Christmas on the farm, which included horse riding - well kind of horse riding, there was also the 'hang on tight to the runaway horse moment' that we will all remember for a long time.

When you have no NYE plans and the mister is working there is only one thing to do. Get on the internet and find the last minute deals. Which is how us girls found ourselves in a vintage caravan on the coast. It was perfect and even better when we realised how many people we knew down there at the time.

And then we celebrated turning 12 with a day at the nail salon and a night at the drive-in and having a turn in the virtual reality egg!

With the weather still fabulous, we headed north for a week to Yarrawonga. We had blue skies and a billion degrees so it was straight to the water of the lake or the pool in your backyard.
Hiring out boats for barbecues and ski biscuits, climbing through the water park and enjoying Australia Day fireworks. We had the best of company with good friends the whole time we were away and ate delicious local foods as we went.

Throughout the summer, our theme songs played,  each and every one a tune from the movie The Greatest Showman.

We made the decision to give this acting/modelling/photography thing a go too and Immy now has her very own agent. The first photo shoot was a bit nervy, but she was totally calm by the end.

Then school went back, the office beckoned and some minor surgery was required to keep Mr H intip-topp form.

Each weekend we squeezed in more trips to the ocean, which was splendid - until that one time when we had 'attack of the jelly fish' occur at Williamstown beach.

This photo was about 30 seconds before we raced home to the bottle of vinegar - which we will never leave home without again.

We've played games of Speak Out, taken lots of family walks, swam every week, started a new school year and had lovely friends to hang out with.

Thanks summer 2018, you've been a gem.