Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12: The house is on fire, all the family is out, and you can grab 5 more items. What are they?

I would hate to be in a fire. Fire scares me.

Yet I love fire, I love the heat from a fire and the joy of sitting around a camp fire, the initial VUMMMPPPFFF of a bonfire when it is first lit is fabulous.

But if the house was burning down and all the people were safely somewhere else, what would be the five things I would grab?

It takes some thinking about. We don't have our files organised well enough for me to grab a file and simply have all of our essential paperwork, insurance files, birth certificates, it would take me too long to collect that stuff from all the folders and plastic pockets - in fact I don't know where half that stuff is! (Note to self, get paperwork organised)

The first thing I would take is our computer. It has our photos stored on it, lots of videos and years of memories. That one computer holds years of our lives on it.

Second I would grab Immy's stinky blanklets. If the rest of the house was gone and she lost everything she would need to sniff those stinky rags to find her happy place. You might think this would be the best time to just let them go and be rid of them once and for all, but I just know how much happiness she gets from those things.

Popps is not attached to anything at the same level as Immy is, but she has a couple of stuffed toys that have survived since she was born which I would grab as I ran past her room. They were given to her by special relatives and each one holds a little story to her life.

Our wedding photos would be next. The photographer we chose ten years ago was still not keen on using digital photos and only provided real images, a real album. We don't have any electronic files from our wedding and I would hate to lose that album.

With the fire lapping at my heels and the smoke taking over, the last thing I would grab is my hand bag. In it would be the car keys, my phone (with my contacts) and all those little things that I seem to think are so essential that I carry them with me every time I leave the house.

Losing everything else would be just terrible, sure, they are only objects and can be replaced, but the thing is, we all surround ourselves with things that are special to us, things that make us feel good, happy memories. I would hate to see it all go up in smoke.

Have you ever lost everything? What would you grab in a hurry?



  1. Thankfully I have never lost everything. It breaks my heart when I see people that have.
    I forgot to grab the blankies and monkey's! Yikes.

  2. Wow, it's scary to think about isn't it? I'd grab the computer, camera, wedding photos (ours are also non-digital), my kids' first year albums and memory boxes (all conveniently located in one box so I'm counting it as one item) and, um, hmmmmm, it's hard to narrow down the last one out of a few sentimental ones. I'm going to assume I'm wearing all my favourite jewellery and go with my wedding dress. Because why not? x

    1. Yes, it's best to wear your fave jewels everyday - just to be sure! As for my wedding dress, it was a full marshmallow, it will have to stay behind.

  3. I use to work in insurance so everything is replaceable, and I don't have a lot of valuable items.
    Things like photo's I have scattered amount family and friends, I have another ehd of photo's as a back up at my parents house, I also have photo's online in dropbox, google drive and even flickr.
    If I can save my computer /ehd then I would be set.

  4. Totally grab my computer but it's so bloody big as hubby 'made' it up as a special gamer one so would be mission, mental note put photos on smaller hard drives. I would also get our wedding album, kids special nigh nighs and a box that has their hospital bracelets in! So many things I would LOVE to get but wouldn't forget!

  5. You guys are way better mamas than me. I totally forgot Kaloo, Sparrow and Noddy (softies). I have already had to order replacement wedding and birth certificates, so clearly I'm not that attached to them!!! Our town has been flooded twice in three years. We were high and dry (for the most part), but it's been sad and sort of inspiring to see people around us who have lost so much but who just go on.

  6. This post really got me thinking about how replaceable almost everything is in our home. I found it very hard to get my five.


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