Sunday, May 11, 2014

The one skill I have always wished to have

This is easy for me.

I have always wanted to be a writer. Not like every second blogger you read who wants to write novels and stories and be paid to write, no, no, no.

I want to be able to use my hands to write beautiful letters. To scribe a word from my pen to the paper so that it looks like a piece of artwork.

Do not underestimate how tough that skill is. To change your natural style to be that of a specific design takes huge amounts of time, patience, skill, practice.

I did a course once. I was at one of those stages where I needed to fill my time with something and it seemed the perfect time to do a Calligraphy course. I got everything I needed, I spent 12 weeks practicing different fonts and swirls and it wasn't too bad, but as soon as you stop, your hand reverts straight back to it's natural, preferred style. There are hundreds of calligraphy styles, you start with basic ones and popular ones, but the best are just truly amazing, mainly computer generated now, but wow, when done by hand they are fabulous.

I enjoy reading about people who study handwriting, I find it fascinating what your handwriting can tell a professional handwriting analyst.

I follow a couple of hand writers on Instagram and they do beautiful work, but guess what, their signature is still all over their work, I can tell the writer before I even look at who has posted the photo.

Calligraphy and handwriting is an art, it might be dying out just when things like knitting and crochet are coming back, but it is one skill I hope to one day take up and master, once and for all.

How is your handwriting? What do you think about Calligraphy?


  1. Oooh, calligraphy has always fascinated me, too. I don't think I have the patience, though. My ambitions aren't nearly so grown up!

  2. I used to have a calligraphy set when I was younger and I loved it. I love to look at beautiful hand writing too. xo (Happy Mothers Day)

  3. Here is my link -

  4. My link - Em

  5. I have the WORST writing ever, because I was trained to use shorthand and it's a skill I've let slip but means I HATE writing in longhand - it's so boring. Have never tried Calligraphy and probably won't! x

    1. They made us learn shorthand too - Teeline. I use it only to write myself secret notes on the whiteboard these days - heaven help me if the kids 'crack the code'!!!

  6. Oh yes penmanship. The art of penmanship is dying. I don't like my writing, I never have. I love seeing stuff my sister use to write in primary school (so like 30 years ago), she had beautiful penmanship. Her writing is way better than mine, but she's lazy now, and it's not like it use to be.
    Technology has def destroyed the art of writing.

  7. I do love beautiful calligraphy. At uni I studied Old English and Middle English and so looked at lots of gorgeous old books - the colours, and the craft in them! I can see it's a real art and a passion, and I bet very good for the brain to focus so much. One for retirement!

  8. That would be a nice skill. I do love to handwrite when I journal, but it's certainly not beautifully handwritten.

  9. I have quite legible handwriting. I went through a stage when i was younger to do that really cursive scripty writing but it all got to hard. Love looking at calligraphy - especially some of the illustrated letters, and have even done a term to try and learn calligraphy at community college. Could you share the hand writers you follow on instagram?


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