Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Letter to the world: Ten.


I am ten years old. Today.

In keeping with the tradition of my life, I am writing my letter to the world, to sum up my year and share my tips and advice.

Out in the big world of 2018 a lot of things have happened.

But for me, being nine, living in Australia, things were pretty good. I learnt my times tables, but what is it with the sevens? They nearly get me every time! But not the nines. For nines times tables there are lots of tricks to know you've got it right.

I started the year off doing singing lessons and soon decided that wasn't for me and took to guitar. It's much more fun. My team won the grade four Mandarin competition held in Melbourne by singing a song in Mandarin about recycling and my acro team won gold for our team performance in the Victorian Fusion competition. I am still learning tennis, but it seems that fuzzy little ball takes quite a bit of effort to get it where you want it to go.

I found some great new books called Kensy and Max, and highly recommend them to anyone aged 8-12, the third book is due out in a few months so I'll be getting that one ASAP. As for movies, I've continued to watch a lot of them. I really really love movies. The best two of 2018 are both equally worth your time, first was The Greatest Showman and then Mamma Mia 2. Great songs, funny, and really good.

After books and movies, if you need to really be entertained I have two words for you. STRANGER THINGS. I am kind of addicted to it. Mum says it's really not suitable for kids as many of them would be scared, but not me, it's clearly not real, there are too many made up things. But you really really should watch it.

There are things I think should be noted that I DONT have, because, in future, people will be shocked that even though I am now 10 years old my parents have still not let me have the following 1) My own phone 2) My own Instagram account 3) a YouTube channel  4) A horse or even horse riding lessons, and lastly, Fortnite. I am about the only person left on earth without these things. I certainly hope some of the items are amended very very soon.

I'd also like to make it publicly known that going to Disneyland is on my list of things that I'd really like to do.

Other cool things that happened this year: I was in my first TV advert. Officially, best day ever.  If you live in Sydney you might have seen it on the telly. I watched so much Youtube, but it didn't come up on my stuff. You can see me here at the 19 second mark! 

Around the world, there were some boys who were stuck in a cave for 9 days and they survived. Doubt you'll ever see me in a cave. We got another new Prime Minister, don't know who and Prince Harry married Meghan and they came to Melbourne, both my Mum and Dad saw them but again didn't let me miss school for something this fun.

I make good scones. From scatch, if you'd like to come over for the afternoon I can whip up a batch, but I like the jam my granny buys from the old people shop. mmmmmm so good.

When it comes to milkshakes - make mine strawberry. Every time.

If I don't see you for scones, maybe you'll hear from me again next year.