Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lip Lovin'

Who remembers Poppy lipsticks? You know those really matte lipsticks we all loved in the 90's, designed and produced by Poppy King.

There was a time when I wouldn't be seen in the line of a night club without my lips smeared drying out with that stuff. Hilarious really what we do for fashion.

I moved on, sadly,when it was no longer available. Found my new favourite and years later had to go through the same process to find a new one. I did, it was from Nutrimetics, but lately I was wanting a new colour.

I ventured to the counter of lies and deceit and left without my right arm but didn't care because I was looking mighty fine.

I was so happy to have this.

Mine was called Dolce Vita

And then on it's first application it busted, right at the base. Dodgy bastard lipstick. I tried to re stick it in, I put it in the fridge to try and get it right. It was no good.

Then my sister, (you have met her here before) sent me an email with the reminder that all nutrimetics lipsticks are only a tenner for a couple of weeks.

I have stocked up on my favorites...if you need one, just click and order, it now just comes straight to you in the mail. Perfect, no counter of lies required.


Cupcake is my colour of choice.

Has your favourite ever been discontinued, or do you stay up with the fashions and change with the seasons?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Will the dog turd karma get me?

So I am not really sure what I believe in when it comes to God and religion and all that spiritual stuff, but I do believe in doing the right thing, being a good person, surrounding yourself with great people and treating others as you would like to be treated yourself.

I believe in some kind of Karma, you know, what goes around comes around.

So now I am a bit worried.

I took the Pooch for a walk, which I do rarely without Mr H.

She did an enormous turd, I was dragging her so hard that that turd went from one drive way, then on to the nature strip of the next house.

The thought of picking up a steaming dog turd, having it in the bag and walking it to the next bin makes me want to vomit.

I left it, told Popps to run for it, in case the home owners saw us and wanted me to remove the worlds largest turd from their driveway.

I hate it when people do that. I believe in being a responsible dog owner. I failed my own test of doing what you would like others to do for you.

Now I am waiting for the Karma, either I will stand in dog shit or the girls will and I will have to clean it out of the ridges of their shoes. Or worse.

Is this Karma? Or is it just that terrible Catholic guilt that was drummed in to me for 18 years refusing to budge from the back of my mind?

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Win to the WAHM

Work at home Mums are pretty good at multi tasking, we can bake a cake, hang the clothes out, assist the kids, write a proposal and answer emails all at once.


This week I was one step ahead of it all. I had a new weapon.


I set it all up, sticky taped the pictures down, had the paper laid out for any drops too.

I set the girls up and sat down to get about half an hours work done.

It didn't quite work. I forgot that Immy can paint a dog in one colour with one sponge in two seconds and be 'finished'. Done. Moving on to the next thing. Hands clean of said paint or not.

So I rushed.

I sent the document off.

The next morning I got an urgent message that the document wouldn't open.

So I sat in the change rooms at the gym where the girls were in the creche, I had 45 minutes.

Picture it.

Let me help, the aqua aerobics class had just finished, 30 naked women, all over 70, wet dripping and wondering why this crazy woman was taking up a chair on her lap top.

Me, frantic, trying to pdf a document that I had to email to myself first from my phone and then open on the laptop to convert, then back to a web browser to pdf and send it off so that it arrived before a certain meeting. All with a swarm of swimming Grandma's trying to squeeze in around me.

But it went. All is good. All is ticked off.

Another win to the WAHM.

Have you had any wins lately?


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Winning stuff

Lately I have had some luck winning things on other blogs, bigger things and tiny things. I love them all.

Some of my readers have asked how I find all these little giveaways, so I have put together a list for you of a few giveaways that are happening right now on other blogs.

Click on the links and enter, remember the smaller giveaways sometimes have only a handful of entries so the odds are really good.

Go forth and enter.

Liss from Frills in the Hills is the blog I go to for lots of help when I am trying to improve my Domestic Goddess rankings (currently -2) she is running a giveaway worth $500 in total.

Are you up the duff and need a new frock? a really stylish gorgeous one too, I would have loved this in my preggy days.

Do your offspring want a new DS or game to play on a DS? Head over and win this one.

At Baubles, bubbles and bags there are six different pamper packs to win, leave a comment on the blog and you are in the running.

Now these are the ones I love, currently only three comments, means chances are good for you to win the new Lemonade Mouth DVD. You can also enter to win it on this blog, cos the more you enter the greater your chances of winning...go on click again and comment and add it to the collection.

For those with babies, or expecting them, this blog is for you and they have competitions and giveaways.

Hannah Montana DVD is up for grabs too.

And lastly, head here if you want a hundred smackers to spend at westfield.

These are just a couple of what's around. Happy clicking and good luck


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Start the week with a quote

Sometimes I see a little quote that just sticks with me for a few moments more than the others that day.

This one comes from one of my all time favourite children's authors.

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."
— Roald Dahl


Saturday, May 21, 2011

A growing up step

Tonight my baby is sleeping in her big girl bed for the first time.

She loves it.

I have a tiny pang of sadness that my baby is growing up too fast.

I know others feel this when they give up breastfeeding or start crèche. The feeling is fleeting, lost by tomorrow in the chaos of life, but still strong at the time.

What moments have you remembered as those when your child was taking a 'growing up' step?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Screaming babies will reward you in the end

A long time ago, way back, even before paid parental leave, I had a baby. That would be Popps, who is now five.

She liked to scream.

A lot.

No one wanted to look after her.


I also wasn't working and we were living the rice and mince lifestyle. When living in this lifestyle 'option' a regular trip to the hair salon is out of the question. And considering I would have had to take screaming banshee with me, there would have been no relaxing either.

Nine months went past before I made it to the hairdresser.

But oh how that has paid off.

I added my entry to a competition PottyMouthMama was running offering a night at the Werribee Mansion. You had to answer:

The last thing I expected about being a mum is/was:

My entry:
To fall in love with dummies, dimmer switches and think it was ok to not go to a hair dresser for nine months.


Thank you dear screaming banshee child of mine, if not for you, Mumma would not be excitedly planning a weekend of luxury sometime soon. And let's not highlight that everyone else may have mentioned the unexpected and unconditional love of a child.

Soon Mr H. and I will be off to Werribee and we shall not (do you hear me Mr H.) we shall not be doing a tour of the zebras and giraffes, we have already seen them 72,000 times.

I may possibly be seen at any of the destinations below though.

I expect I will also look like this after a weekend of pampering.

All images are from here


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ovarian Cancer.

Today is the perfect excuse to get a new white shirt, raise money for Ovarian Cancer, and read this lovely post about a woman the world lost too soon.

Jump over to read Nikki's post for how you can shop and help find a cure too.

Monday, May 16, 2011

A trip to man heaven


This could be considered a community announcement.

I had a disagreement with Mr H.
We need to renovate the bathroom, this bathroom is one of a kind, it is circa 1981, in beige and light blue, and floral with tapware chosen by someone who likes bling.

It looked ugly but clean and functional when we moved in last year so we thought it would do for a few years yet.
Of course the sneaky previous owners were experts with a silicone gun and had more silicone in that thing than in Heidi Montag.

Do you know that silicone just peels off when you scrub the tiles?

And then the water gets in.

And then the walls and floor start to do funny things and make weird shapes.

So, I agreed to go to man heaven. As a family.

On a Saturday.

After dragging them all past the salmonella sausage stand we headed to bathrooms.

Two kids on the large item trolley, jumping up and down and climbing all over it.

Mr H actually attempting to convince me that a corner spa bath would fit in the area that currently only fits a shower, and we could squeeze in a vanity designed for a caravan in the remaining space.

He sighed that the tiles I would like are too small and are harder to lay then big tiles.

The shower base we need was not available.

The kids jumped into a display of baths that were upright and nearly killed themselves as four baths begun toppling down on them.

They then played hide and seek in the display showers while we argued over who was watching them.

When Mr H found a vanity that fitted his budget (still in circa 1981) I agreed, then let him know that the price didn't include the actual sink or the caesar stone top, just the actual DIY cupboard. He was not impressed and sees no reason why we can't have the caravan model.

We left with nothing, other than the paint sample cards that the girls than fought over in the car as one had more pink ones than the other, and no one wanted the normal colour ones I had in my handbag.

Heed my advice, do not attempt a family trip to Bunnings and expect a happy ending.
And when house hunting, beware the silicone gun expert, he hides many a flaw.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pearly things come to those who wait

I have been admiring the following exquisite pearl rings for a couple of years.

The Mother's Day Gods delivered and I got my own custom made ring...with the loveliest of pearls. It was a major surprise and a mircle that the exact colours and design was chosen for me. Thank you Mr. H.

I love it.

All images are from the Archipelago Pearls website. Except the one of my wrinkly hand of course!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Visit me.

I am still in Mothers Day mode, where I try and do as little as possible for as long as possible. Even blogging I have delegated out.

Mrs Woog has been kind enough to host me and you can visit me over at Woogsworld.

Mrs Woog has also been nominated as one of Australia's TOP 50 bloggers. Pretty amazing considering how many bloggers there are out there.

Click here and give her a wedgie, opps a vote.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thirty something Nana

I have thought it for a few years now, but the feeling is getting stronger.

I am a Nana, way before my time.

How do I know this?
- Fabric. I love beautiful fabric, I don't sew, but I bought a sewing machine thinking I could buy beautiful fabric and make something. I bought an apron from a market stall just for the 'feel' of the fabric. I even love expensive designer floral wallpapers.

Floral wallpaper - too much?

- Nana nap, this is something I only dream of, but I really would love one every day (once a month would also be ok).

- I have a tea pot with a tea cosy, and I use it.

- I love roses, not a garden of boring white standards standing in a line, but heritage roses that smell like perfume and have big thorns and look ugly and naked for nine months of the year only to bloom and make me take forever to get to the mailbox as I smell every one in the front garden, all thirty of them.

- I listen to a lot of ABC radio.

- I no longer listen to music while on the treadmill, instead it is conversation with Jon Faine for me.

- I wear sensible shoes. I can't bare cheapie vinyl numbers that get sweaty. Or sky high beautiful strappy blister forming devices. I need comfort. If they ever make a trendy pair, I will be the youngest woman in history to wear Kumfs.

- I don't see the need for so much swearing in songs on commercial radio. And why do rap songs need to have prostitutes in every film clip?

- I don't watch the news anymore, there is too much violence and I don't like to be reminded of it so much.

- I quite like hats, I have a good head for hats (ok, round and big, if you must) sun hats, beanies, race wear, I am waiting for hats to be really fashionable again.

- and even though StylingYou and Mrs Woog have tried to ban the puffer vest and are trying to prevent me from totally nana-fying* myself, I think I want a dusty pink soft and snuggly puffer vest.

Image from (the faux fur gunk is removeable, I hate that stuff).

Am I alone here, is anyone else verging on early nanahood?

Is the puffer going to be pushing me over the edge?

*yes, nana-fying is a real word.

The wallpaper image is from a designer called Flavor Paper, I can't find the original source of the image.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Popps says:

Once, I used to correct inaccurate words that Popps used, developing her speech and being the diligent parent that I am. Now I know that each muck up is very short lived and I let them go, and enjoy the words of little people as long as I can.

Here are a couple of the latest lines I love.

When passing the ice cream van:
"look, there he is, it's Mr Whoopy."

On completing her first proper dive into the pool.
"Mum, did you see that, I didn't even do a ballet flop"

Got stairs in your house? Well you would be living in a 'two storage' place.

Do you have a 'dimmer simmer'? Not sure? That would be a dimmer switch.

What lines do your little ones say?

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Before I went along to the first session of my Mother's Group, I felt a little like a kid starting at secondary school when they don't know anyone. Because really, all Mother's Groups (MG) really only have two things in common:

1) You are a Mother/Parent (usually) for the very first time
2) You live in the same geographical area

I had no family and knew no other Mums in my area, in fact I really didn't even have any friends sans kids in my area, so I was keen to get to Mother's Group in the hope of meeting someone for a coffee from time to time. I was also worried it would be full of women that just were not my type, whatever that is.

Before they all took off, Popps is to the left of the bub with a toy.

The first ten weeks or so we gathered at the health centre to learn more about how to deal with all things baby, we then moved to the Pub, and Friday lunch became my favourite day of the week. All ten of us would order a meal, babies lay in prams and slept, played quietly or got pushed back and forth by one of the other considerate ladies. Once this stage was over (though we pushed it as far as we could) we organised a time at a community centre and met there.

I was lucky, my Groupies were all considerate, passionate, caring and enthusiastic people. We lived inner city, most had little outside support geographically close by. Some breast fed, some didn't, some co slept some didnt. We all loved a glass of wine and talking about lack of sleep.

Five years on, a lot more babies (them not me) many house moves, relationship break ups, returning to work, career changes and certainly no need for classes of how to bring up baby, I still have a gang of my Groupies around. I have relied on them for many things over the last five years and hope to have a lot more fun with them. Judging from the Indian dinner party we had last night, where I tested my lack of cooking skills and made an edible Mutter Paneer, dressed up and headed out with Mr H, there is a lot more fun to be had with these Groupies.

sorry about the shocking resolution, no idea what happened
with all the shots from last night

How did your Groupies measure up?