Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 15: You can only choose five foods to eat for an entire year, what do you choose.

Only five.

That's it.

What are you going to choose?

I considered adding chocolate on here but I really don't think I would want to eat chocolate as a fifth of my diet for a whole year.

I can't live without bread. Bread makes me happy and I eat it every day. I have got fussier with my choice of bread though, I like good bread.

My weakness is cheese. Marinated feta especially and I really love this one from Meredith Dairy, I could use it as a dressing and to cook with and for a spread or just out of the jar...

But I couldn't just eat bread and cheese all year, I wouldn't feel good. I would need some fruit and while apples are not my super favourite (that would be summer berries), apples I can do every day. I can also do baby spinach every day. The greens could be added to my cheese sandwich some times.

Avocado is also a top food, you can use it on your bread, with your salad leaves, have it with some cheese and just eat it straight from the peel.

I could have picked bacon too, I do love a little bit of bacon, but the thought of it every day makes me feel awful.

Would you pick any of these foods for your five foods only to eat for a year?
Could you go a year without chocolate?


  1. SHIT - I forgot fruit! Mind you I did write this at 10pm - but I might swap out my coffee for fruit! No just kidding I'd swap out the booze ;) Yes could do without chocolate for a year, but could NEVER go without bread? I'm a bit off topic a bit today sorry

  2. I LOVE chocolate, but when I put my list together, it didn't even come onto the list.

  3. Bacon crossed my mind, too. But given my other four choices, I'd definitely have a heart attack before the year was out ;) Mmm... bacon...

  4. I had to fight to keep bacon out as well. Every day for a year? Oh, I should have included it...

  5. Such healthy choices! Health didn't really come into mine. I couldn't ignore the bacon.

  6. I just went for the five essential food groups (none of this pyramid palaver!)

  7. Oh 5, choosing 5 was harder than I thought it would be.
    Bacon would be on my top 10 list, but didn't make the final 5.

  8. 5 was hard, really hard but I did succeed.

  9. Is wine a food? If so... wine, cheese, strawberries, coffee, water crackers. Hate bacon and chocolate.

  10. Bananas. I could not live without bananas. Pity for us the rest of the family feel the same way. Can you imagine just how many bananas we go through in one week!


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