Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 29: A random act of kindness you have received or given.

It's a shame that this part of our lives has a title these days.

Some people tweeting or texting will even shorten it to RAK. As in " I just received/gave a RAK".

Thing is, if you just live your life dishing out random acts of kindness without thinking about the fact you are doing a random act of kindness than you will feel more of the benefits of being a random of act of kindnesser.

If you keep hoping and waiting for a random act of kindness to happen to you then you will never get one. Or you will, but you won't notice it.

You won't notice the driver who let you in, the person who held the door for you, the person who paid you a compliment, the hairdresser who got you a cup of tea, the friend who bought you a coffee, or just invited you over to her house to make you one. You won't realise it when a friend calls just to say hello or you get a card in the mail. But these are all everyday moments of kindness that make up a good life - for the giver and the receiver.

Don't think about it.

Just be Kind. All the time. And then a little more.


  1. There's a tiny old lady who wanders the local shopping centre and randomly blesses people. Despite being a complete and utter heathen, it's lovely.

  2. It doesn't take much to be kind, and it should be apart of our every day lives.

  3. At my daughter's final Year 12 assembly last year, the keynote speaker, a prominent Australian media personality, wished all to take being kind into their future interactions with people, more than any other quality theat they 'learnt' in school for the last 13 years.

  4. Oh I agree, Claire - a title for being kind? And the fact that we celebrate those acts if they happen randomly? What a pity.

  5. Doing things without being acknowledged is also a good feeling, as I've got older I've done that a lot more, it's a fantastic feeling! x

  6. Oh it is a shame to have a label on it. It should just go without saying without being a "thing", it should just be part of our day and how we relate to others, nothing exceptional.

  7. I'm *so* with you! How can it be a *random* act of kindness if you feel you have to announce it to the world? I think the word random (in that context) is about doing things without major planning - in the moment. Small actions, done with love and good intention are so satisfying!

  8. Thanks for this! I'd seen a picture on Donate Life's FB page yesterday of a recent Remembrance ceremony and realised I'd dropped off their list and almost forgotten the services take place at this time of year.

    PS. Although my tale is about a biggie... I have to admit for me it's also the little things which count!


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