Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 13: Describe your relationship with your phone – Honestly

My phone - that's what I call it, but I could equally call it my camera, my email widget, my address book, my bank book, my diary.

I use my phone for everything. 

I use my phone at all times of the day. 

It is even my alarm clock and I have not had a watch for five years. 

My phone has everything I need and makes my life have a lot less paper in it, invitations, directions, addresses, agendas. 

I use my phone so much that you would think I might be stressed without it. 

However over the summer time, while I was away from home, my phone just simply died. 

It had been a bit cranky for a few months and then one day it just didn't turn on again. 

Surprisingly, I was ok with this. I had no idea if people were texting me, calling me, emailing me. I really missed not having a camera and I allowed Popps to have the wifi on her iPod which gave me internet access. 

I was still able to check in on facebook and twitter on my computer to tell most of my friends that I was phone less. A few weeks later when I got my new phone I didn't race to get all my contacts on it. The apps I had I have not loaded again. 

My phone is essential for me. It is my work, my link to my kids when the school calls, it's how I organise the lives of all four of us and keep all the balls flying up in the air. It is also a big part of my fun. It gives me great enjoyment to read blogs and see the images of people living in other countries on Instagram. I am fascinated by the beauty that is around the world and all at my fingertips. It's where I read the news and speak to my family and friends. 

But I can also put it on the bench for the day and not be too worried at all. 

AND - if we haven't talked in a few months, chances are I don't have your number in my new phone - text me!

Are you and your phone attached at the thumb?


  1. Yes we are attached at the thumb and I do like the nice things you get from it - I also get joy and connectivity! When hubby and I have a night away I can ignore it but I know that when I return I will have lots to catch up on. Let's just say our relationship is complicated! x

  2. Without my phone, I feel a little lost and disconnected. I will turn the car around on the way to work if I forget it. Like you, its my lifeline to family, my diary and yes, my watch/alarm clock. I use it for social media - but I think I can live without that aspect of it - that would be way down on my list of important things of my phone. But as we dont have a home phone number, its the only way to connect with me.

    1. Oh yeah, I would certainly turn around and go back to get my phone - for work purposes of course.

  3. It is so refreshing that you were phone free and loved it!
    I'm not sure I would cope.

  4. Take it or leave it. It's handy, but I don't love it!

  5. I would be lost without my phone! However if I had to give it up for a few days I think I'd cope ok xxx

  6. Umm, that would be an embarrassing YES! Catching up for the weekend-even though it is now Tuesday xx

  7. If my phone had a hip, we would be joined at it. Amen.

    1. One day, phones will be hip shaped and fit better in our hands too.

  8. I refused an iPhone for the longest time, I knew I would get addicted. I like to remind my hubby (frequently) that he was the one that bought it for me as a gift, despite my protestations!!!


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