Friday, June 10, 2016

May I tell you about May?

What went down in May 2016? 

An effort to go to school functions to be involved and to meet other families. 

Vodka O - It's my new favourite, and worth drinking when going to school functions to try and be more involved. 

Doing: My Tax! Only 11 months late but I got it in on the very last day. Phew. Can't be more organised than that. 


A little life. It is not little. It is taking over my life. Have you read this book? If you haven't I am not going to recommend it to you. Not because the writing isn't marvellous. Not because you won't want to read it. Only because of the deep sadness it can make you feel to know the disgusting and miserable way other humans can treat children. Or, read it, but prepare yourself for some dark moments while you do. 

A heated swimming pool in my own backyard. With a pool boy. And heated towels around it. 

At the weather and checking how cold it's going to be. 

Playing: Musicaly - it's an app and it's not really for kids, but if you are a switched on parent you can download it, set it all to private and know that it's just your kid playing around pretending to be a singing star. I love apps that encourage kids to create, not consume, and this is a good one. (But don't let your kids just have an account and start sending their creations out into the big wide world).

Deciding: To read less of the comments sections on social media

Wishing: I would stop buying crap on the local buy swap and sell Facebook page

Enjoying: Mother's Day Craft. I love the things that my kids make in school for mother's day. I am not sure I really remember making my Mum much at school. Maybe we did, but she certainly didn't keep it. 

Loving: Immy looking fabulous in her new glasses.

Pondering:  Why I went to the expensive place for Immy's new glasses and not the place where you get two pairs - at a lower price.

Watching: My current favourite trash TV option.... Shark Tank. I love that show. Mainly I just love the ideas that people have, their passion to start a business, how they are highly likely not to going to make a cent but they love what they do so much they are going to keep going anyway. I love how people make up these numbers about how much their business is worth, but then get caught admitting that maybe, actually, kind of, they have not taken a wage and have been working for free for two years. 

Cringing: at my eyebrows

Seeing: Libbi Gore at a fundraising night. She really made me laugh, I even did what I have always refused to do - buy the book when a speaker I go to hear flogs the book three or more times during their presentation. Haven't even opened it yet, but Libbi had a way of making me want that book, not be annoyed that she was trying to sell them. 

Wearing: new stuff from Birdsnest and wishing there was an online store that sold winter things for people who live in cold places. My new 'waterfall' cardigan was certainly never worn in Melbourne at 7 am when it's 3 degrees. But, it's good for layering. Online shops all seem to be based in North Qld and think a long sleeve top is just perfect for the colder months..BRRRRRRR

Noticing: My hamstrings are more ham and less strings every month.

Knowing: Winter is only three months long. 

Thinking: Too much. 

Admiring: The life of my beautiful friend Sianne. A lady who made me laugh, who was courage and humour and determination and love and a friend to everyone. Inclusive and considerate, helpful and attentive, creative and sincere. When I hear this song, I'll always think of you.