Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A response

Yesterday I posted my feelings about the lack of response from people who receive an organ donation.

You can read that story here

My sister and her family asked to write a response, of course I said yes.

My sister has put up a blog post about our beautiful little boy, our little angel with red hair, who is always on our minds. Not a day goes past that we don't wish he has here with our family.

Our lives changed in many ways that day. From missing a part of our family to the way we look at life now. How we look after our living children, the fear that something so crappy might happen again to the famliy, wraping the kids up in cotton wool is now a permanent way of life.

But we also felt out of something so horrible, something good has to come out of it. Donating Lochie's organs  was a simple choice for us, after sitting in intensive care with so many sick kids, if one family never has to go through what we were about to, we would be happy with our choice.

Having to bury your little boy is one thing that will NEVER leave us.

Yes, we have had letters and thanks from some of the peolpe and it makes us really happy to know Lochie is walking around in some way, somewhere. Hopefully humming to his favorite song Hat Town...yes, he was a real country boy!

He is talked about every day in our famliy.

He is Missed.

A cheeky little boy full of life that followed his father around in farm boots and dust, but was also happy to cook a cake with his mum and to play with his little brother Matt and new born sister Abbey.

He will always be Loved.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lochie lives on in more hearts than ours.

This is not really my story to write, it was not my child, but I loved him immensely when he was here and I miss him painfully now he isn't. I recently did a brief post for a friend looking for people for some organ transplant research, I was just helping out another Mumprener with her business.

But it got me thinking about organ donations again.

About Lochie.

About the people who now live thanks to receiving his gifts.

They were Lochie's gifts, but more so they were gifts from his parents. Parents who woke one Easter Tuesday morning and started the day like normal, with three healthy children and after unfortunate and extraordinary circumstances would have to kiss their son goodbye for the last time. At the same time they made the extremely unselfish decision to donate his organs.

At least seven other children now live thanks to this decision.

Lochie was three years and eight months old when he died in Intensive Care at Royal Children's Hospital.

Organ receipients don't know my sister and her family. They know they received organs from a male child from Victoria, aged three.

They have the option to write letters to the donor family through the organ donor organisation. The letters go through the agency to keep the privacy of each family, as they should.

Initially there were a couple of letters to say thanks, and a few lines about the child and how their health had improved.

Then they stopped.

And this is where I have an issue. Why did they stop? Do the families of those who are now alive forget about the decision that was made so courageously by Lochie's parents?

Do they worry what to say, or that their words may be upsetting? Have they just moved on with their now healthy lives?

Because we still have a missing piece. We celebrate a childs birthday with the birthday boy not there. We send balloons to heaven and think about what he might have liked for Christmas this year, would he still believe in Santa? What would he have been like at school? We wish he could have made it to his first day of kinder that he was so looking forward to.

Sending a card just once a year to say;

"We hope you are well and we continue as always to thank you for the decision you made, which changed our lives and gave our child and us, so much."
Best wishes,

Is this too much to ask?

Don't think for one moment Lochie's parents would ever expect this, but this is what makes me even angrier, they did so much for others and expect nothing, zip, nadda in return, they even make excuses for people that never ever said thank you.

I am not so forgiving.

I want the world to praise them, (and any other parent who makes this decision) out loud, to say, we remember what you did and your child. We celebrate that your child still lives on in us.

I want them to add their organ donor to their Christmas card list, to say thank you every year, you made the right decision, you really gave the ungiveable, the gift of life.

And if they find that hard to do, then shame on them. Hard is a small white coffin lowered into the ground with your child inside it.

What I really really want right now is to be wrapping a present to put under my tree, with a gift card that says "Lochie".

I can't, but if anyone in your family, or even a good friend is the lucky receiver of an organ, maybe you could put pen to paper this Christmas and remind the donor family they are fabulous people, and you do remember them from time to time.

Post Script
Added Tues30 November
Lochie's family write a response.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Daddy day care is coming.

The silly season is literally banging down our door.

Mr H is about to start four weeks leave. I suggested to my work that I could do more hours and for the next few weeks I will be working three or four days a week.

This shouldn't be such a big deal, but as I try to organise us all for the next month I've realised, I am way too busy to work! I have to reschedule my hair appointment, carefully planned and booked in eight weeks ago. I expect I need to get Aussie Farmers on board to ensure we have something that is not from a packet at snack time.

As we are hosting Christmas I would like to have considered doing a couple of things, like cleaning out the fridge of all the mystery jars (does anyone else have a shelf or two filled with condiment jars?)to make way for more gourmet options, special cheeses and treats that we can indulge in to celebrate christmas together.

I have the gazillion presents to buy and wrap and two little girls birthdays to organise.

Plus, the girls are coming out of crèche for six weeks (hello instant pay rise!)and I have to put all my faith in Mr H to remember the suncream, the water bottles, the hats, the nappy bag, the schedule and the kids. Mr H is a great Dad, when I first returned to work he was Daddy day care for Popps for two days a week. But he does things his own way, he doesn't stick to the schedule and one day can be filled with swimming, the zoo, and a play centre all in the one day, a giant donut king milkshake for lunch.

He is refusing to provide daily itineraries!

So next week we will become a nut house, a frenzy of activity organising for christmas, working, shopping, cooking, playing.

And amongst all that I will have a weekend away...can't wait to tell you all about it.

Organ Transplants - received or waiting?

A good friend of mine is currently undertaking some research for a medical company.

They are looking to interview (face to face) people who have received an organ transplant of any kind in the past year or who are waiting to receive a transplant.

If you are able to assist by answering some questions, or you would just like to know a bit more about it, please email Pip from BrandHook.

You can be located in Melbourne or Sydney.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Aussie Wordless Wednesday has a new home

Thank you for all joining up with me lately.

Aussie Wordless Wednesday has a new Aussie home.

click over to.

And link up.

I will see you there!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A friendly letter to Coles and Safeway

Dear Coles and Safeway Management

Remember the good old days when you employed trolley boys? They were generally teenagers earning pocket money grabbing the trolleys and clearing the car park for you, keeping an eye on the trolley theft situation and possibly helping out the odd Granny with her grocery bags. You paid them (maybe not much, but you did pay them) and you still prospered very well.

For a few years now you have insisted that we pay a gold coin donation for the special privilege of pushing the now bigger than ever family trolley around. Sure, we can get it back, it is kind of like a deposit.

But have you noticed how hot it happens to be in Australia? Have you any idea how hot a car is when sitting out in the car park for an hour in the summer? Do you know how quickly a small baby or child can die in such cars?

I suggest you do a little experiment with two or more small children, especially one that is under six months and one that is around 2 or 3 and $200 of groceries. It must also be over 30 degrees.

Step 1:  Pay for the supplies and push the trolley out to the car park holding firmly to the toddlers hand and pushing the trolley with only one hand.

Step 2. Unload the children into the hot car, because otherwise you are leaving them in a trolley in the middle of the road in the car park.

Step 3. Hurry to unpack the stuff into the car.

Step 4. You now lock your children into the hot car while you walk about 40 metres to return your trolley, of course when you get there, that is the slot for the "small" trolleys and yours will not fit. Walk back past your car to the other trolley bay, bugger, someone has now put an Aldi trolley there and yours will not fit again. Walk to the third one and finally recover your $2. Run back to the car to relieve upset dehydrated children.

Clearly this is not an ideal situation and quite a health risk to really small infants. Or the extremely sick little girl with cancer that I saw yesterday, who has finally prompted this post. Her mother was stressed when she couldn't get her token back, it wasn't the coin, but a token for her to reuse. We put her trolley into my trolley, I pushed the two trolleys back into the store as none of the bays would take our trolleys back. She watched all four children so we could leave the doors open, I was also concerned about leaving my kids when I couldn't see them. The sisterhood had a win in the car park.

So, once again the hot weather is here and my donations to Coles and Safeway start stacking up as I leave my trolley and coin behind. Coles, Safeway, if either of you would like to refund me my $50 trolley fund money, let me know.

Or perhaps you could bring back the trolley boy.

Kindest regards
Ms C Hewitt

P.S. Dont even consider telling me about the trolley for two kids, I saw it once, but have never seen it again, did you both just order one for the media release image?

P.P.S I know Aldi is the same, but they never pretend to offer service in the first place.


Friday, November 19, 2010

If you like dogs you will love this.

Remember I told you all about this years must have Christmas back here if you forgot. It's The Search for Santa Paws.

While Popps couldn't watch it at the time, we happened to go to a market the next week and the Disney promo team had the most gorgeous Santa Paws puppy there for the kids to pat and say hello to. Those that know me also know I am not a big animal lover, but this dog was the kind that even I would consider letting step inside.

It was beautiful.

Popps is now convinced she has met Santa's puppy, and she wants to watch just the end of the movie where it might be happy (of course it is).

You can also get your hands on a copy of this DVD by winning one right here.

Tell me, does the idea of having a dog sleep in/on/within 50metres of your bed freak you out, or have you convinced yourself it is normal?
You also need to be a follower of this blog to be in the running.

This will run till Wednesay 24 November. Winner will be picked by SS, we will call him Secret Santa for this week, cos he is more exciting than If it makes him laugh like Santa, it will be a winner.

This will have to be for happy little vegemites in Australia only, it may not play on international electronics.

NOVEMBER 24 2010

Added to this post....

Secret Santa has made his decision, anyone who has the bad luck to have a ferret on their member deserves a prize. He also liked how much it freaked me out that someone would actually allow a rat in their bed...Jasmine, you win, don't ever visit here though, I have a rat bait box in the shed for just in case! True Dinks

If you love a market

and you are in Melbourne, don't forget that this Sunday the Williamstown Market is on. And if you love decent priced and fabulous photos as much as me, pop into see Karen from Kas Studios and have some shots done.

here is my little Immy again.
If you're really lucky, you might even see me there having some more done!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aussie Wordless Wednesday: 17 November 2010

It's nearly summer in Melbourne. Sorry for the blur, it was raining, I had to use the camera zoom from inside, as that is not my idea of fun!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Helping out a new Mum

One of my bloggy friends has just given birth to her new son Jasper. To ensure her blog was not left blank for a few weeks while she gets used to life with three small children Becky put out the call asking for others to send in a story relating to birth, labour and newborns. See, if you are organised you can get all the help you need!

Today she is featuring a post from meeeeee.

But don't panic, I didn't gross you all out with stories of how Popps and Immy arrived in the world, just left a few tips that might be handy for anyone who has a bun in oven.

And as I love pictures of newborns, here is one I found from Iris Creations Photography, check them out to get your fix of cuteness, but not if you are in any way clucky.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Filthy Car.

I am not sure when it happens but I think people have been sneaking their rubbish into our car, it is also possible some filthy rodent critter lives in there.

 this is not our car, but feel free to decorate it like this if you see it.

You can barely see the floor, the car seats are full of crumbs and sultanas, those trendy new drink holders are full of dirty tissues with rotten flowers. The windows have been smeared with god knows what. Special treasures that just MUST be kept sneak in and never leave, sticks, dead insects, balloons that have popped, lolly wrappers, socks that get pulled off and thrown under seats.

The car is foul, it stinks, I want a new one.

And that's just the inside.

I have been silently asking SS to address this issue for six months. Not wanting to nag about it, I have only suggested once that perhaps he could clean the car. But the poor old car has not seen a drop of water that didn't splash out of a sippy cup.

Yesterday I was sneaking off to the local shrine for shopping and couldn't stand it anymore. Being a bit of a feminist, it was time to just do the job myself.

So I snuck into one of those car wash parks, where you leave the car, shop and return to cleanliness.

I hardly recognised the beast on my return, so sparkly and fresh, I handed over an arm and leg to the cleaners, jumped in, soaked up that taxi smell deodorant stench and was oh so glad to be able to see out the windscreen.

SS was not happy, he asked if I thought we were made of money, how could I be so wasteful to pay someone else for what he could so easily have done himself!

Like he hadn't had enough notice.

But one drive where the pedals didn't get jammed because there was an empty drink container rolled in behind the accelerator, and his attitude changed, we don't need a new car, just a clean one.

Is it just my kids, or do other people seem to have furry things living in their cars? Please say you do.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Grown Up Check list

I think I have just taken the final step to confirm I am a 'Grown Up'.

But first let us tick off the essential items from the "I am now an official Grown Up list"

1) Grown ups don't drink Passion pop or spew-mante or west coast coolers.

2) A grown up does not smother themselves with Coconut Reef Oil and lie at Bells Beach for eight hours when it is 42 degrees.

3) Grown ups will not line up to get into a club, pub or restaurant at 2 am wearing hot pants and a halter neck top while it is -2 degrees.

4) Grown ups don't wear ripped jeans a with a t-shirt that says "Wanna see my HOOTERS" written across it to casual day at work. (unless you work at Hooters of course!)

5) Grown ups know what a tomato plant looks like.

6) Grown ups don't share a house with 15 Pommie back packers who steal your food, or live in a house where you have to mark the shampoo bottle to discourage your house mates from using your stuff.

7) Grown ups remember if they have pets.

8) Grown ups have an iron, a food processor and possibly a bread maker, the items will generally be shiny from lack of use, but still possessed by the grown up.

9) Grown up woman accept that they are not going to live the life of a Sex and the City cast member. You will never be Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda.

and lastly, what I have agreed to:

10) A person is only considered a complete grown up when they accept to host a family Christmas.

At their own place.

With real crockery, cutlery and homemade food.

For more than 10 people.

I might not make it to the other side, but Christmas Day 2010 the Babble House will be full of Christmas craziness Spirit.

Are you a grown up?


First across the line

The winner of the Santa Clause two giveaway was the first comment, who was by Anonymous. But lucky, they also emailed me to tell me who they were. Anon, I will email you to get your address and send you some Christmas viewing.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things...

Photography - done by other people


Christmas - what is not to like!

Join all this together and with the help of my new friend Karen who did the photos for my blog and the super photos of the girls and I have the best Christmas cards ever.

Yep, I sent Karen a few photos from the BabbleOn house photo ablum of 2010. As we subscribe to the shoot and run photography style most of our photos are blurred, red eyed, one person not looking, bad lighting, eyes closed.

But with her super skills Karen turned our shockers into this:

and also this:

I am printing them out at the local photo shop and can then get busy handwriting some personalised cards to all of our family and friends (sorry for those of you who now know what to expect!)

So, do you wanna get some of these done for yourself? It is all so easy.

And Karen has sent me a special note:

As a special for your blog followers - I will edit and create a personalised Christmas card for AU$15.

To order just go to -- and click 'view your photos'. The password and discount code for is babbleon (case sensitive). Then just select your preferred template and make payment.

Instructions on emailing photographs will then be supplied to you.

The fine print: the price includes, professional editing of 3 photographs (lighting, tone, basic touch up of images & converting to black and white), adding a personal message to the card, the supply of a high resolution jpeg image for printing.

So, off you go, search through your phone and digital cards for those images that are semi good but not great and turn them into a Christmas Card for everyone to share.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You've hit a nerve.

"You’ve hit a nerve"

Usually when you hear that comment, you know that you have touched someone’s feelings a little too much. You have hit them in a spot a little too tender, basically, a place that hurts.

Imagine now that the discs in your spine are not discs, but individual vanilla slices, all stacked perfectly upon each other. They move perfectly to allow you freedom to move. Beside these scrummy yummy treats lies a nerve that runs from the top to the bottom and affects your entire body, keeping you physically well, allowing you to bend, sit, run, crawl.

When two of those precious vanilla slices get squeezed and the fluffy yellow custard spurts out the end of them they hit the nerve and things go down hill, fast.

The herniated, burst vanilla slices now have big bulgy globs hanging out of them and every time you move they hit that nerve. If you bend to pick up your baby it hurts, if you try to get something into or out of the dishwasher, it hurts. If you sit in the car for too long, it goes stiff and spasms and you can barely get out. You can’t lie on your back to sleep, or your front, you cocoon yourself in pillows to support every bit of your back that is possible. You start to live with constant pins and needles in your leg and foot.

You start on the nurofen and voltaren and before you know it you are taking about 24 a day to cope with the pain and to manage to look after a newborn and a toddler.

The physio doesn’t help much.

The doctor sends you to the neuro surgeon, and the MRI confirms the lumps are big, but thankfully not cancer. That is the very good news. The bad news is she recommends you do nothing to aggravate the nerve, do not attempt running, or swimming – the kicking motion annoys the lower discs and keeps hitting the nerve.

Your best option is surgery. Then rehab for ten days and then about two months of rest….mmm have I mentioned new baby and small child to look after?

And so it is that I ventured to a new physio and one very small stretch at a time, I have moved from barely able to bend to being pain free. It has taken 19 months. I still can’t run or swim or move very quickly. But I can walk and I have learnt some exercises to keep me in this place as much as possible.

So now, here I am painfree, but not lard free. When I finished breastfeeding I kept up the same calorie intake. Pushing the double pram is not good for my back; the weight of it causes stress on my spine. So I can’t do that.

When I am walking I can’t take big long strides because the herniated discs are low and get annoyed with me. So I didn’t do that.

I can’t do any high impact classes, running or swimming. So, I didn’t do that either.

I have every excuse possible not to exercise. I know, because I make them up for myself every day.

But the muffin top is not so funny anymore. The few clothes that suit me I don’t really like. I see photos of myself and I really don’t like what I see.

So I am trying to make some new choices.

I am drinking more water. I am not buying chocolate biscuits for the household. We are eating more salad and I am using the extra light from day light savings time to go for a walk on my own a few times a week. I have to walk slowly, but I can still walk for 30 minutes.

I need to lose about 8 kilos. In my head I think “that isn’t much, just go and do it”.

And so I shall.

P.S. That image is from an entire blog dedicated to vanilla slices. If you are a boombah who loves vanilla slice, don't go there, but if you are searching for snot block heaven it might be for you.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Aussie Wordless Wednesday: Cupcake baking

Keeping a good distance from the oven and learning 'good things come to those who wait'.

Cupcake baking!

What have you been photographing this week.

Link up and click about.

Monday, November 8, 2010

If I could have one helper

My limited experience of having a cleaner leaves me with mixed feelings about having another one. The stress of cleaning for the cleaner, the stress of seeing the place go from perfect then back to normal so soon after the cleaner has left.

Instead, I think I need a shopper. Not just a Coles online thing, but someone who decides our meals for the week and shops for all the ingredients then leaves the receipes in a neat orderly pile in the kitchen for me to follow.

A meal planner shopping assistant.

Allowing me to never have to cook a pasta bake again, or quiche Lorraine without the bacon cos I forgot the essential ingredient. So I never have to push a wonky trolley loaded with two kids, or to fumble with the stupid coin return thing that never gives your money back.

If I could have a home helper, this is what I would pick.

But I can't, so I shan't. And now must go and attempt to make another bare pantry inspired meal.

And you, would a cleaner be the answer, a chef, a nanny, if you had the option what kind of home helper would you pick?

Review and Giveaway

If you like The Simpsons and Family Guy then you will also love getting into the Christmas mood with Phineas and Ferb.

Phineas and Ferb: A VERY PERRY CHRISTMAS, is just released this week and as a first timer watching this show I really enjoyed it. This is a Christmas DVD for the primary school and up audience.

The classic tale of saving Christmas is the general story but there are funny lines and too real comments to keep you entertained. So without giving you the complete story line here are some snippets I enjoyed:

Perry the platypus magically brings to life a snowman who then gets hit by a car, or does he? All may not be as it seems.

You know how I love a bit of handwriting so I especially loved that the main character, Phineas, wants to know how many of the kids have been sending Santa thank you letters over the years...none! Phineas then sets about making a Santa rest stop on the roof of the family home, a bit like a day spa for Santa to take a break.

The teenage dramatics from big sister Candace are funny because you can see how accurate the thought process is in a teenage mind, and how ridiculous.
Check out the preview here

Phineas and Ferb is fun, has some great music and very limited violence by the standard cartoon bully (large, stupid and ugly) no bad language and is very entertaining. A great option for the five years and up audience.

And now, after letting me have a sneak preview of this, the good chicks at Porter Novelli have given me another Christmas DVD to giveaway.

This time it is

SANTA CLAUSE 2 with Tim Allen.

Santa's festive cheer is challended when his own son ends up on his naughty list in this hilarious sequel to the original Santa Clause. This DVD also includes (one of my fav things on any DVD) a gag reel, and Operation Toybox: A save Santa Game to provide additional fun for the whole family this Chrissie.

Just be a follower of this bloggy and leave a comment telling me your favourite Christmas Song or Movie. will guess the winner.

Open for Aussie peeps until Friday 12 November, 8pm.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why you should make the effort.

 Emirates Stakes race day at Flemington was splendid.

We headed off around 10.30am, picked up my friend and her daughter, buckled in extra car seats (three Maxi Riders at once do not fit well in a Tribute, but safe, they were), loaded up prams and bags and parked very close to the race track thanks to the networking of our mothers group, who secured us with a car pass for the day (see Mrs Woog, mothers groups are very handy!)

We settled on the grass right at the track fence with our collection of blankets and bags and a group that ended up consisting of six kids under six.

The girls were entertained by a lovely balloon man first, then we spent a little too much time in the Camp Australia tent, drew pictures, painted plaster, got their arms painted with butterflies and flowers, played a giant game of connect four, played dress ups and had their photo taken in a mini Emirates photo booth.

They raced to the fence for each race and screamed for the horses, any horse, to go faster.

Immy, bless her white painted cotton socks, slept in the pram for an hour.

Popps was allowed to have an icypole - how much do you think for one Calipo? $2, $3, $4 nope, $4.50!

They picked a hundred roses and made petal hills before throwing them in the air and running around, someone walking passed commented that our area looked like a wedding had just taken place, it looked beautiful where we were.

Being prepared, I did what I often do and packed my Nutrimetics (thank you big sister) pencils in my bag. I was using these to draw rainbows, flowers and butterflies on each of the kids, and also my phone number up their arms, just in case I lost one (or two) I was not looking my most glam, squinting up to the sun in the crouched position when the Ch Ten news cameras landed in my face with the question "You have come prepared, tell us what you are doing?" Me: "mumble, mumble, mumble" and out came something, my previous media training was of no use at all. If anyone did see the footage...I was not drunk.

And we stayed til after the last race, loaded up the buggy again, I wore my Walnut Melbourne flats (they are on sale for a few weeks) for the walk back to the car and arrived home for baked beans on toast at 6 pm.

It couldn't have been a better way to spend my anniversary, unless SS could have joined us.

Did you see me on the telly?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

a lot can happen in six years....

and they are still the best roses I ever did see.

This was me six years ago today.

The day SS and I got married.

Alot has happened since then, but it has all been great stuff.

Today we wont actually see much of each other at all.

To celebrate six years, the item is Iron. We decided to skip that one and pick something ourselves. He chose pampering and got me an afternoon at a dayspa, knowing that I would love it to bits.

I do.

I chose pampering for him too - I bought him a blu-ray DVD player, it is his kind of heaven. He loves it, a little too much!

Happy Anniversary SS.
Love Me. xx

Friday, November 5, 2010

And the winner is...

Thanks to the lovely free tool at, I have drawn the winner of my first little giveaway.

The winner is number 2, Jasmine.

Can you please email me your address and I will send it out to you.

PS you can't insert graphics into blogger when using an ipad, a total downfall of this techno gimmick, but that is why i can't include the image.

Check back this week for another giveaway for Christmas.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Heading to the track.

I have too many friends that really are single and do everything on their own to say that I know how they feel to be a single parent, but when your other half is working crazy hours and you are not seeing much of them, heading out to an event with the kids can get a bit overwhelming. Generally, I just hang out at home instead.

I find adult outings with kids often to be full of anxiety and I stress about the event for days beforehand, but the choice this weekend is to either sit home on our own again or to get myself sorted, polished, prepared and ready and head to the races at flemington.

Today the three of us bought me a new dress, perfect for pushing the double pram that will also go ok with flat shoes and should deal with any snot or food stains that get rubbed on me during the day. It covers the lumpy bits as well as possible and won't show if I am wearing my big knickers or not every time I have to bend to pick up Immy, the runaway one year old.
This is how I will feel on the way there.

I will have to pack the lunch, the picnic blanket, suncream, nappy bag, cardigans in case it gets cold, water bottles, lip gloss, snuggle rug, phone,sunglasses, hats, money. Get into the car, and as driving in there is nearly impossible we will have to walk for miles to get there, I doubt I can get the whole shebang on the tram.

Kinda sounds crazy to even go, lady in the shop today tells me I should really get my neighbours to drive me....mmmm, not sure if that is their idea of fun, packing us up and taxi driving us about.

But, we will be there with bells on, the girls will run around and love the horses, I will pay $78 for two sausages in bread, the girls will lick the sauce off and I will eat the left overs. I will have a single glass of champers, eat strawberries and chips and dips and cheeses melting in the sun.

I will probably lose my hat.

At the end of the day I will strap the girls in the pram, some thongs on my feet and push that pram homewards.

On Sunday, Mr H is home. All day!