Monday, January 31, 2011

It's all about my work when I win some Awards.

In the last little while I have been awarded five blogging awards .

Blogging Awards I hear you ask. Not quite the ARIAS or the Pulitzer Prize but recognition of Blogs that you have stumbled across and enjoyed.

Blog awards are some marketing woman's (always a woman)* genius idea of getting traffic to her blog.

The idea is to provide the award with a few rules, pass it to a stack of people and ensure they all link back to you. Hopefully some of those people like what they see and follow you or come back. But it is done with a lot of fun and I have had a good laugh at some of the posts written for Awards.

As I have received a few I am going to put them all in together and start by saying thank you to

Life in a Pink Fibro, Styling You, Big Words Blog, Becky and James

Then I have to share seven things about myself that I have not already told you. I wasn't sure where to go with this so as I have already mentioned marketing (which is my work) let's stay on that theme. Here are seven things about my work history:

1) My first job was at the Meredith Sheep Diary, thee of fabulous cheeses, like the marinated feta and Ash cheese. It was my job to record how many mills of milk each sheep provided each morning and night. It was recorded by hand first and passed to me at the end of the week to update a database. The pages generally covered in sheep poo and spilt milk.

2) I was one of the first people who worked for World 4 Kids, we had more training than I have had for any other job, three weeks paid to learn about the culture, style, rules, toys, etc, they were desperate to beat Toys R Us who had just launched their first store.

3) My Pub job while I was at uni was the best ever. The owner allowed us open bar after work every Friday and Saturday night, I never had to drink beer again, and still don't drink it. I was able to get through uni drinking Sub Zero (remember them) vodka, Fruit Tingles, squashed frogs...

I once had corporate shots for work,
brown was in I tell you! And blogger is making the image wobbly.
4) I went to uni to become an Economist. I majored in Economics, but along the way realised that Marketing was so much more my thing and majored in that too.

5) That degree is probably how I ended up as a Marketing Executive at the Australian Stock Exchange - Derivatives Division...are you still with me? One of the projects I was in charge of was called WISDOM, Woman in Stock, Derivatives and Options Markets, it is a great shame this project finished when my time at ASX did too...and my fabulous mentor from there also went on to much more amazing things.

6) I worked in Dublin for a year. It was THE BEST. They even provided lunch every day, and breakfast, and excellent bonuses. Doubt they will this year, but those were the good ol' Celtic Tiger days. Companies around the world could learn a thing or twenty about looking after staff from DCC plc.

7) I run my own Marketing Business, it is very very small, so far I have two clients who pay me, and a heap that don't. It is called Marketing Matters. It now has a logo. And Kay, it is the best logo ever made.

check it out:

OK, enough about me. I now need to pass this award on to 15 more bloggers that I love.

But that is way too many, and I know that NO ONE is going to click on them all (a little consumer behaviour that I have noticed from the stats from other blog awards) so I shall give you three that I currently enjoy at the moment, whose posts I always read when they pop into my feeddler reader.

Mogantosh - just cos she writes nice, I like her style, and she isn't afraid to tell it like it is.

Oesch and Doots - it starts with the great blog header (I have blog header envy from this one) and keeps going.

Unhappy Hipsters - just click and enjoy the photos, amazing images and finds from around the world. I don't expect they will be linking back to little old me anytime soon though.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I try my very best not to swear too much, especially here in this lovely little space I have for myself.

But sometimes I have a crappy day, and thankfully Mumstrosity.comis a place where you can discuss such days, complete with swear words.

To read more head over here:

And I promise to limit my rudey words from now on.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nothing like a Finn

There is something magical about the call you get to announce a new member of the family.

Typically, just as I hit the tunnel on the train last night my brother rang with the news that the newest edition to the family had arrived.

I couldn't hear the message, I couldn't make a call out. I was frantic to hear the good news, what did they have, what name, was everyone well?

It was only minutes before I got through the tunnel and heard all about it.

Today we have got to see him, less than 24 hours old.

A fabulous 4.1kg

Finn Cam Hewitt arrived quickly and safely.

He is already being loved to death by these two cousins, but big Brother Christian is not too impressed with his sibling just yet, and certainly wasn't going to pose for a photo, much preferring to run around the outside garden.

And here is Finn.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have started using another app called Instagram, those with smart phones etc (not me, but I use Babble Dads) can download it free, so apologies to those of you who have seen these, but they are currently my favorite images so I have to share them so that the Grandma's can get a little look too.

The Farmer and the Bubba.

No, I did not eat the chocolate.

has anyone seen a rabbit? (or our parents?)

The Potato Digger.

If you are an Instagram addict, find me at claireyhewitt.

And I should get a twitter icon on the side bar, but of course I have yet to get a nice funky one designed. If you are a tweeter you can also find me @claireyhewitt

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Advice from the wise women

Once upon a time when I was a younger lass (you know, those early 20 days of dimple free thighs and wearing bikinis cos your tummy muscles were still hanging around), anyway, I started dating Babble Dad.

As time went by Christmas and birthdays came along and I was firmly sticking to the belief that if he really knew me, loved me etc he would know exactly what I wanted as gifts.

Yeah right. Tennis racquet anyone? Or how about some snow gloves (I don't ski) there is also a push bike rusting away at my parents house.

So after some discussion with one of the wonderful wise women in my life I was told if you really want something tell them exactly what it is and you will get what you want EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Pretty simple advice, and maybe it takes away some of the surprise work etc, but if you tell them a whole list of things they can choose something off the list.

I gave this advice a try (it also had information about men not being good at mind reading etc).

I tell you all this because today I have been wearing (again) one of the items that is becoming a regular on my wish lists. Elk. I love it.

I don't really do the whole jewelery thing, but these pieces are easy to wear, decent colours, go with lots of things and certainly don't break the bank.

After I started wearing my 'tree' a heap of my friends did too. Mine didn't quite survive Immy's baby fingers fiddling with it, but it is now a nice decoration hanging from the coat rack.

My other little thing is anything from Benefit Makeup, off he goes, buys anything he likes from that scrumptious counter and knows I will just love it to bits.

Do you have any items that you just love, that people can easily get you and know you will be over the moon? Or are you still enjoying a new iron, bread maker and golf putter each special occasion?

Elk stuff is here

Benefit Cosmetics is here

And no, this is not a sponsored post. Sometimes I just like to share my favourite stuff.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

mending fences

Following on from the farmer and the floods are images of what needs to be done

there is a fence in there.

and my favourite picture, happy smiles, new pups and farm life continues.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the farmer and the floods.

We are back from country Victoria doing our little bit for the Victorian floods.

People ask me if the family are ok, is the house flooded? No, the house is not flooded, the family are 'fine', but they are crazy busy.

The problem with farms is they cover lots of space, hundreds and/or thousands of hectares.

They have animals, hundreds of them.

And fences, miles of them.

They grow crops, not for their own consumption, but for millions of hungry tums.

The problem with farms is there is only one farmer, and often one farmers wife and children.

When natural disaster strikes the work load goes a little looney.

Everything is urgent and needs to be done at once because mother nature can be an angry old cow.

Our farmers right now are working their bluey singlets to the threads.They need to save their stock, treat them for flies, spray for locusts, fix fences, ensure they don't get bogged and for many of them there is the added worry of dealing with the loss of income from crops.

They are also doing all this while being eaten alive by hundreds of mozzies and they are pretty much doing it alone.

Most of us can't shear a sheep or put up new fences, but as the townships try and get back on their feet you can be considerate tourists, visit the towns, support the local shops, drive carefully where fences are down and stock just may be taking a wander.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Dummy hole

Have you seen it, do you even know what to look for or how it grows?

Dummy hole in the making, they are not Immy's dummies, they are hers, her back teeth are together.

This is not a for or against about dummies. I once tried to have a child sans dummy and at six weeks when I had my first outing to escape the crying, I came home and found Mr H and Popps both asleep watching the cricket, she with a dummy stuck in her gob.

And so our love affair with the dummy began. Popps would not attach to a toy or blankie but she carried around as many little suckers as she could. She rubbed them between her fingers and stroked them down her face.

Over time we moved from the orthodontic style to the cherry style, as she became more demanding in the supermarket to the exact style she required - colour, size, glow in the dark you name it, they have it.

By her third birthday we were trying to farewell the dummies, but with a new baby on the scene she needed extra comfort and I needed her to have them too.

A couple of months later and the dentist asks before she even sits in the seat

"Is it a dummy or a thumb?"

How did she know?

The dummy hole!

Over time the palate at the top of the mouth actually forms into an arch around the shape of the dummy. While her little pearlers were perfect, her top and bottom front teeth could not come together, no matter which way you tried to twist her jaw around, they were miles apart.

I now see toddlers everywhere smiling away at me with this same big dummy hole glaring at me. With any luck the soft childs palate starts to return to a normal state, but 18 months later it is only half way there for Popps.

The dummy went to the fairies and we had a months few weeks of begging and crying for them, sleepless nights and moments of me wanting to give in.

See the dummy hole...this is six months sans the sucky thing.

Babies like to suck, dummies are highly required for many of them, but try and avoid the dummy hole, insist on the orthodontic ones and farewell them when you get a chance...Easter bunny apparently likes them too.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Relationship with Mr Smeg.

When we moved into Chez Babble I was hoping the newbie Smeg oven would assist me with my desire to improve my rankings in The Domestic Goddess Ranks (currently at about 3 out of 10).

Rental ovens are not known for their cake winning formulas. I had a helping hand with this new expensive gadget.

So Mr Smeg and I got to work, I lovingly learnt his settings, twisted his dials and carefully pushed his buttons.

I attempted some cakes, some homemade pies, a quiche. It wasn't great but we were building a relationship.

Then Mr Smeg died, two months out of warranty. Doctor Smeg visited and said it was what happens, wear and tear and all that, fork over $280 and we will be set. I was surprised, wear and tear on an oven barely used over two years??

And what about the electric clock bit I ask.

Oh, says Doctor Smeg, that part alone is $450, I can order it in for you.

No thanks Dr Smeg I mumble. I know I could get a rental style oven for less than that!

And this is how my cake came out!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

To Pet or not to pet

For the moment, pets are not really my thing.

I am not keen to get something that I will have to look after all the time.

I certainly won't be picking up dog poo or having an animal inside, that just freaks me out.

But with Popps building a house and yard, feeding and watering any critter she can. Maybe I might have to reconsider.

These snails were placed in a very large box and have been lovingly attended to.

I just hope the lady next door with the fabulous garden doesn't mind if they escape.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A letter

Dear Popps

We can't believe it, you are turning five.

It seems like you have only just arrived. But after screaming your way through the first two years of life you have firmly found your style, your character and your personality.

You are the best big sister anyone could ever want, Immy adores you, imitates you and follows you around like a puppy, she knows she can rely on you because you always look out for her.

You are about to start a year of 'big girl Kinder' while many of your little friends are off to school, we are confident we have made the right choice in giving you an extra year of free play, of imaginative and creative choice through your day. An extra year of box construction, dress ups, mud pies and time at home to be lost in make believe and fairy land.

We worry about you.

You often carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. After daddy once said, "eat your breakfast, lots of kids don't have any to eat" you were devastated, wanting to invite them all over, to take our weet bix to the streets in search of a hungry child. You were 3.

Recently you were in tears as you watched Daddy have a biscuit...AFTER dinner, it is not healthy you cried, you can't eat sugar after dinner!!

You are a smart cookie and pick up things quickly if people give you the time to explain things.

You have given up the idea of being a doctor, saying they hurt people too much with needles and stuff and you would never want to do that.

You're an easy target for bullies, but still have asked to invite the girl who has bullied you all year at creche to your party (no chance).

Currently you still plan on going to university to be a fairy when you grow up.

You are funny, you do crazy things that make us laugh a lot. We all had to leave the room while you set the table, wanting to pretend it was a cafe. As we were seated by our little waitress we struggled not to laugh at our napkins...strips of toilet paper spread across the table beneath our cutlery.

You refuse to wear jeans unless we bribe you so we have spent a fortune on woolly tights this winter as you crawl through tunnels, fall off your bike, or play in the dirt and come home with holes in your knees again. On our recent beach holiday you were quite concerned about how you would get through the week once you realized there was only one skirt packed. "Shorts! Why would you pack shorts Mum".

We love you all the way to the moon, around the stars and back again.

You are always thinking of other people, making sure you don't 'hurt their feelings', worried about making other people happy. Perhaps a little too worried.

You may be the youngest nerd ever, begging Mum to buy flash cards so you could learn to write properly. You are constantly sounding out words. Please stop reading graffiti!

We hope many things for you, we hope being five is a magical time for you, that you become less anxious about the world, that you remain as healthy as you are and are surrounded by lovely little friends.

We hope you learn to ride a bike before your 21st birthday.

Happy Birthday Popps,
We love you to bits!

Mummy and Daddy

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Old Style Party Time

I am in party mode, not crazy out clubbing style anymore though.

I am having the first real children's party at our new house. Due to the new trend of hosting parties anywhere but home, Popps wasn't too sure about this whole DIY shindig.

What is this pass the parcel caper I am talking of, who will entertain them, what will they do?

Kind of sad that a child about to turn five has no idea of the traditional kids party that we all experienced, well i did in the 70's and 80's.

So I am trying my best to put my Best Mum in the World hat on, I have the parcel wrapped, the songs for musical cushions (chairs are now too dangerous) spare lollies and gifts for anyone that has a tanty about not winning.

There is one dilemma, I talked up Pin The Tail on the Donkey. But I can't find it, I have looked high and low, trips to Spotlight, Kmart, cheapie shops, supermarkets have left me donkey-less.

One of my bridesmaids suggested I use the one that we had from my hens night.

But, I don't think Pin the Penis on the Hunk is really suitable.

Tomorrow is cake day, Australian Womens Weekly birthday book is out and ready to make me weep as per every year.

Stay tuned, will let you know how it goes!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I was glued to the TV to all hours last night, worried about all those affected by the floods.

I hope we start to see a few more rainbows in 2011 and fewer dark clouds.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Fussy Worms

From crusts to banana peels, leftovers to apple cores we have a wheely bin of scraps at the Babble House each week. In my attempts to become a little more green SS invested in a worm farm (as my Christmas present two years back) but I just can't seem to get this apparently fool proof option to work.

With the crazy days heat of 2009 the worms carked it. They have now been replaced and I started off with a fresh batch of wormies. Had a little chat with them about all the good food they were going to have to consume for me.

But no.

They can't keep up. Even only feeding them a bowl of scraps every three days, I seem to have worms with an eating disorder. They pick and choose and leave the rest behind.

Then the flys got in and maggots arrived.

I nearly vomited into the worms from the smell.

SS cleaned it out and we are trying again.

So greenie friends, help me out, what am I missing in the worm farm quest?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Daggy makes a huge difference

As the year ended up at work I was involved in some meetings with various stakeholders, internal and external. During one which included a senior manager, my blogging was mentioned as a secondary point of one informal discussion.

The scoff from this woman when I mentioned the oft used but, I agree, totally daggy, term of being a mummy blogger was embarrassing. Though quick, the raised eyebrows and smirk were hard to miss.

It is not the first time this has happened in and out of work.

But it is the first time I didn't feel belittled by the ignorance of others of this industry.

In fact I was feeling extremely proud that day.

Louisa had just secured hundreds of toys for kids in detention, the power of twitter and mums blogging while they clean the high chair tray encouraged Virgin blue to take the gifts for free, customs fast tracked the stuff to ensure it arrived, the charity was overwhelmed with the result.

But there is so much more.

MMBB was stressing about a super dooper surprise phone bill, the mummy bloggers got on board and the issue was resolved very quickly.

Woogsworld decided that the excellent US blogger, Wanderlust, a recent victim of domestic violence would be a true asset to the conference in March, but costs were extreme for our little mummy blogging community, lucky woogsworld is a power house and Wanderlust and her family are on their way.

Glowless was desperate to attend the AMB conference, but the costs were prohibitive, a post begging for help has her and her family on the way.

When another blogger tweeted about PND, others sent her offers of assistance, phone numbers and emails to make contact, reaching out to an isolated mum, I don't know what difference it made, but it certainly must help to know you're not alone.

But today things are very serious, the fun and funny blog Lori from Random Ramblings of a Stay at home Mum posted this very simple but touching post late last night, asking for prayers for her husband, who is critcial in ICU. In just a few hours the Mumma's are out in force. A forum is set up, an address for items to be sent is organised, a pay pal widget is here for offers of financial support and the twitterverse has a hash tag sending the family support.

This list could go on and on.

So while I may not be about to win mother of the year, I am a bloody good Mum (FIGJAM), I write a blog and I enjoy the interaction with many others in this virtual community. And I am Australian.

So by default I am an Aussie Mummy Blogger.

And very proud to be so.

We may be daggy, you may not really get it, but we can and do make a bloody big difference.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sliding back in to things

I am still on official work holidays and have been taking the girls on little adventures all over the place.

We headed to the Heide Museum and ate lunch boxes from cafe vue, yummo, one classy picnic.

image from Heide website

We folicked at Williamstown beach.

We have made white choc freckles, a trial for Popps' birthday in a couple of weeks.

We turned the old brown and rarely used cubby house into a beauty parlour. It is now a busy little salon.

We walked and explored the city and climbed over every statue, rock path and waterfall we could find.

My new Chanel sunglasses. I love them, thanks SQ for getting them from Bali!

As 2011 begins I still need to work some things out with daycare, kinder, getting to the blogging conference,  how much I want to grow my own business and how much time I really have to dedicate to this little blog. I was hoping to have these ideas sorted in my head by now, but I haven't.

I do have eight doz sausage rolls made ready for the party and fingernails painted in glitter polish by a two year old. Yes, I am a classy lady.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A fast winner

Sorry, I did say I would let you know yesterday who the winner was.

Here is the image, odd, I never see the first or last numbers come up, but here it is

So Trish, send me an email with your address and I will have this on its way to you this week.

In other news we have been exploring the city parks on this fabulous day, and nearly threw the girls away!! (he he)