Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 25: You can be a fly on the wall at any time/stage of history, where do you go?

I keep re-writing this post because I just can't work out my answer.

I admit it, I am beaten by this prompt. There is no one place that I can choose to be.

I was thinking maybe some place in history but there are none I want to be a part of that are not horror filled.

I considered somewhere that would tell me the answer to a mystery, like who stole the Beaumont children, or Madeline McCann, but what would knowing and not being able to tell be like?

Then I decided it could be good to be in a room where you knew people were talking about you to hear what they really really thought. But then again, there is a reason they are talking about you with you not there.

I then spent all day thinking about it and weighing up where I could be and yet I give you nothing.

So I give up.

I have no answer.

Help me out, tell me where you would be a fly on the wall in history?

Image: I can't find the original source of this image, if it is yours please let me know so I can credit it. (I found it here)


  1. I would have to go and check out Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. I think they are both amazing. I would love to know what they were like as men and creators. It would be so fascinating.

  2. I had to think what I wanted most - birth and conceptions.

  3. Yes it was a tricky prompt but I can't pick just one - so flaked out and went a bit crazy!! x

  4. I'd love to be able to solve a terrible mystery - are you sure there's no way to tell?

    If not I'd love to see my ancestors living their lives to see what it was like.

  5. I was meant to write about this today just never got around to it.
    For me it would be the wall of my kids classroom. I would love to know what they get up to and how they are learning/having fun.

  6. How funny - I thought you must have had a definite idea! We were at a family reunion today with the last two of my grandfather's family of 13, so I'd go back to watch them as kids at the dinner table. Eating boiled carrot.

  7. This one was SUPER hard! I guess, having thought about it all day, I really am content to live in the present!!!

  8. Too hard! I couldn't narrow it down at all.


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