Monday, January 1, 2001

We didn't think we needed to ask.

When we arrived home from hospital with Popps, our lovely neighbours were the first to welcome us home. Jim and Maria may not even remember, but I do. They cooed over the baby and said all the things we as new parents wanted to hear.

8 months later and Popps was crawling around, we lived in a townhouse with stairs that no stair guard would fit. Jim custom built a stair guard for their stairs and then came and fitted it to ours to keep Popps from danger.
He was an amazing craftsman and I often drooled over the artwork that was the dining table he had made his own family.

When it came time for us to buy a place, Jim was the person who helped us out, he looked over places, and gave us advice in a kind parenting type of way.

When we may have over used the rat sac and ended up with a stench in the roof from dead rats, Jim climbed up, removed the tin sheeting and fixed it for us.

He then installed our DIY kitchen and was more patient with Mr H and his lacking apprentice skills than any one else would probably be. EVER.

Today is the National R U OK DAY. Because a conversation could save a life.

Ask someone if they are ok. Listen to the answer.

We never thought we needed to ask Jim.

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