Thursday, September 30, 2010

Racing women

I really shouldn't read it, but on work days I tuck into the MX newspaper on my way home on the train.

That paper was once described to me as like eating McDonalds, you know you shouldn't do it, but you think, just a little will be ok, then afterwards you regret doing it.

So I was reading (fuming) away about the Gold Coast Races, where they were planning a race with stacks of women  in bikinis in the stalls and then running down the race track. I was wondering if the problem was mine, should I just be open to having some more fun (in bikinis), should I let those that want to take part just get on with it and forget the women's lib argument?

Who cares? Doesn't matter.


  1. Does it matter? Not in the huge scheme of things it doesn't but I can't help but think to what/whose benefit these women would choose to do this.

  2. I read about this this morning - and was outraged.

    It matters to me - a lot. I worry about what kind of society I'm releasing my girl (and boy for that matter!) into. I am concerned about the message we're sending to our children about objectifying women.

    And I'm also concerned for those women who think its OK to "compete" in these "events" for the pleasure of men... its one step from prostitution if you ask me...


  3. Bec and PW, I am glad that I am not alone in worrying about this.

    The issues to me are 1) there are people thinking it is a great idea to host it and 2) there are so many young woman keen to take part.

    Thankfully society does agree with us and has pulled the event.


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