Saturday, September 11, 2010


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The rain gods have returned, all of them.

Water restrictions have eased, gardens are about to bloom, we are even allowed to wash the car.

No more need for the "tank water in use" signs around here.

We have had so much rain that our water tank is overflowing, flooding the backyard and we have to empty the tank into the storm water drain. Might be time to connect it to the house, to get more tanks or start washing the car more.

After 10 years of being encouraged to have four minute showers we no longer have to feel guilty for using a little extra, filling the bath to the brim...water heaven.

Such a basic life necessity is back, bring on summer so we can head to the lakes and rivers and actually splash around.


  1. Yes the rain has come, kids in gum boots and muddy clothes are on the farm, no more dust much rain that l have never seem that much in 12 years as a farmers wife..Oh what a beauitful sight!!

    Dams full no more catering water to sheep and the princess pony!

    Vegie garden in full swing..

  2. I hope to get some herbs planted in time to have an entire garden overflowing with salad extras...bring on summer foods!


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