Monday, September 6, 2010

The power of paper with ink

A few weeks into the challenge of writing letters and there are some interesting and surprising results.

I have been writing and posting and receiving not just return mail, but texts and calls to follow up the arrival of what I have sent.

There are a few others that put their hand up to take a trip along the paper trail and they seem to have gone in all sorts of directions.

KerriBennett is contemplating Gen Z missing out on the fun and benefits of the handwritten diary.

pottymouthmama has taken things to extremes and is going for 30 thank-you cards in 30 days.

Melbourne Mumma did it all in one hit, then also moved on to getting a whole new desk to type (and hopefully write) at.

missea has a lovely post about her Mum, who sadly died when missea was a small child. She was given a collection of letters that her Mum had written which is a reminder of how letters can stay around forever, while a facebook post barely lasts a day. The letters are a link to a Mum who died way too early.

While over at Writing Out Loud, I am not sure if there is really time to write letters, with Megan heading off to the writers festival, reviewing books and keeping up her blog.

A few weeks left to go, write along if you feel like it.

Just in: Over at wouldn't it be loverly things are also on track!


  1. Oh thank you for adding an update about me! I'm still in the process of sending mine - one a week. This week to a friend in NZ and a friend in Sydney turning 40. I must say, the enjoyment of posting a hand-written note hasn't worn off, despite the years :)

  2. Great to hear you are enjoying it each week.

  3. I love receiving something hand written. It really adds such a personal touch. Great idea. Have a little too much writing on my current and new blog to join in this time, but will look out for the enxt time!

  4. Hi Claire - thank you so much for the mention, and I'm so sorry that I'm the worst blogging friend ever right now! As you've noticed, I'm so so SO crazily busy at the moment... but hoping things calm down a little in the next week or two so that I can actually participate in this! I really want to!


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  6. Welcome aboard Becky, after the Blog this post I have a few new recruits.

    I am sure you can play along with them and anyone else who decides to carry on too.

    After receiving another letter back today, I think I am getting addicted!


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