Monday, September 20, 2010

What lies behind the throne?

My folks came to town for a visit on the weekend so I decided to take Mum for a trip to Williamstown craft market, let the girls play at the park and kill some time outside. The guys had some fence fixing to do and needed the little babblers to be out of the way.

The market was small but had a few treasures to look at, play with and purchase. But then, strolling along the shopping strip we spotted an amazing dress and just had to pop in to see how much it was. It was a bargain, but a ball dress I do not need, what I did need was a new hand bag. You would think I would have learnt my lesson regarding white leather here, but that is not to be.

Behold my new lovely white leather handbag.

I am loving it so much I don't actually want to use it yet, but shall fill for its first outing at work tomorrow.

These blossoms I couldn't resist picking from the branches overhanging our fence, hope the neighbours don't mind me nicking off with half the tree over the last few days.

Then, on our return from Willie, the boys seem to have decided to play home handy man for the day and ended up also installing a new throne into the BabbleHouse. I had previously requested this be done by a professional only, after a few other plumbing incidents that are best forgotten. But, they snuck it in while I was out and I am pleased to say that they did a marvellous job. I was also quite excited to find the original wall paper circa 1964 was behind the old loo. Check it out, I wish it was still there, would be much more interesting than the current totally white walls, ceiling and sparking white throne.

Have you found any old designer wall paper or lino in your place? Are you glad it's gone, or would you like it to stay?

And, how many weeks do you think I can go without having to leather clean that bag!


  1. That blue and white is so exciting! My mother is right into blue/white aesthetics (she has a monster collection of Willow pattern plates etc), she'd have been so thrilled to see that wall paper.

    My parent's house had a termite infestation and at one point they had to have the entire bathroom ripped out ... one of the bathroom walls was shared with the garage, so when they ripped that wall out they exposed one side of the bath tub ... and the fact that the tub used to be a dark orange/brown colour. At some point someone had (quite rightly, might I add) sprayed the tub to make it white. Honestly, who has a browny orange tub??

  2. We've been stealing parts of blossom trees too lately! Lucky we have one in the backyard as well but I've had cherry blossom through the house with Mr.4 bringing in branches he's ripped off... :/

  3. Gorgeous bag!

    We also found bits of wallpaper under kitchen cupboards and paint... but, as our house was built in the 80s, it was scary and should never be spoken of again!

  4. Isn't it amazing the stuff people just went straight over when redesigning? I guess budget constraints make us all do crazy things. In our last place the bathroom floor had outside tiles, cemented in to the floor, it would have cost thousands to rip them up, so we went over the top. One day when they want to redo them again,they will have to rip up two sets of tiles!

  5. Oh new to you and so loving it. We found several 1980's Penthouse magazines in the rood when we moved in (complete with full bush) but no cool wallpaper.
    With Love
    Mrs Woog xox

  6. Oh Mrs Woog, you could have used those mags for modern wall paper - for the great articles of course!

  7. I love the bag! I need a new handbag myself and I've been looking and looking and not really seeing anything I like. But this, I like!

    I would say about 1/2 an hour before you have to clean it. But it will be worth it!! x

  8. Gee --sooo lucky to have talented plumbing people in the family!! My guess though is that they would charge an extraordinary amount to wall paper that throne room....

  9. Mrs Woog, you are too right, i need to have another day or so to just look at it in all its glory.
    Old bag for work today.

  10. i say you will be cleaning that bag once a week!

    I hope the littles dont cover it n lipstick..


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