Thursday, September 16, 2010

We're going to the zoo, how about you...

Popps has had a good day.

We received a prize in the mail from The Rockgarden blog, a beautifully handmade beanie with a big clip on the side. Originally I thought that it would be perfect for Immy, but the little terror wouldn't let it anywhere near her noggin.

The only moment of stillness, waiting for a butterfly
to land on her flower

Popps was delighted, promptly picked her matching outfit and off we went to the zoo to see the latest arrival, a baby elephant and more importantly my delightful niece who was on a school excursion from the bush.

The baby was super cute, and Mali the elephant who is now eight months old is still totally gorgeous, he is on show quite a bit these days, no more lining up.

The butterfly house is good to hang out in to warm up a bit, those antartic winds were blowing through the zoo today and it was nippy.

Just another day at the zoo.


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  2. @Becky, we are zoo members so we are lucky to see the animals on a regular basis, we are watching the baby's grow up! The seals are also a big favourite.

  3. oh i soooo want to visit the Zoo to see the precious baby elephant! Ben and I have zee outings. Werribee zoo is fun.

    gorgeous hat - is her name poppy? if it is, that is super cute and pretty.
    Heidi xo

  4. That is just such a divine look for a little sweetheart.

    Don't you love the zoo? It's just my perfect family day out for sure. x

  5. @ Heidi, you need a pass too, we go to melb zoo and werribee zoo alot as it is free with the pass for the year.

    Popps is what we call her, started once as Poppet, her name is actually Arabella.


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