Friday, September 3, 2010

Big Weekend Ahead

We have a big weekend planned.
  • A 60th birthday
  • Father's Day
  • SS on call for 30 hours straight
  • Shopping needs to be done
  • The girls are excited to play with their cousins.

But the best thing of all is - I am getting my hair done.

Oh, the simple yet magnificent feeling of heading to the salon, reading mags I would never buy, listening in to other peoples conversations while they yell over the hair dryer, someone making me a coffee (is 9.30am too early for champers?).

I really don't get my hair done enough (being thrifty with the new house is certainly not helping this matter).

Nothing can ruin the hairdressers for me.

A few hours of rest and pampering and then, even if only for a few hours, I will have perfect hair.

God bless you hairdressers!


  1. good on ya!
    i resolved to using my husband's clippers on me and my boy this week lol.. have a great weekend !

  2. Oh, I'm so feeling you. Peace, mags, tea, no-one to need you for an hour. I only manage it about twice a year but really should try and find the budget more often just for the mental health aspect... Hope it was fun!

  3. I love a visit to the hairdressers too. I'm pretty sure that I used to colour my hair just so that I could be pampered for a few hours. That was BC of course. It's been 9 months since my last haircut, that's far too long!

  4. yes l love the visit to the Hairdresser even better when she your best friend and can do your hair any time !. God bless the good hairdressers..

  5. I never fully appreciated the hairdresses until now. With a buba now on board the quality time spent thinking and doing pretty much nothing at my hairdressers is now a savoured experience.


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