Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday's Find

This weeks Friday's Find is Katie Crackernuts.

She lives over here. She's a little bit crackers. She is hanging out in musty old op shops and finding all the treasures you wish you had got first.

Katiecrackernuts, according to her own blog is writing about

 "The News Limited 1degree op shop challenge is to wear second-hand and op shop purchased clothing and accessories to save money, cut textile waste and reduce the consumption of carbon-emitting fashion product. Get involved, wear op shop, share your favourite op shop finds, or near misses, and tell us where all the best treasures are. 

I have been enjoying the posts here for only a matter of weeks but eagerly click through when my google reader pings up a new post from over there.

It has inspired me to drop into the local oppy a couple of times and see what wares there are. The best one just has a great toy corner, we don't buy anything but Popps and Immy test all the stuff, pop it back on the shelf and the fun is had - now that is what I call bargain shopping.

Katiecrackernuts though, she is a walking example of all the treasure that can be yours by simply changing your shopping patterns for 12 months. Click here on all her posts about Op shop Gold and you are in for a real treat of the old, the new, the borrowed and downright daggy (sorry, the 80's woolly jumper is DAGGY!).


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  1. It's all about getting your dag on ... everyone wants to get their dag on.


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