Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Go for a ride in the sky

I am reading the paper on the way home from work, nuzzled into the armpit of someone I don't know, unable to even fall over we are so jam packed, when I notice an article showing how airlines will soon be treating us in a similiar way.

Once upon a time, air travel was full of excitement, a little bit of class, a little bit of service, the wonderful start to a journey you were heading to or home from.

movie star lookalikes were required to be hostess with the mostess

Little Johnny was seen but not heard with a complimentary colouring book

But now, we are going to be treated with the new 'saddle seat', the designers say cowboys can sit in a saddle for eight hours a day, so travellers can too. Have these people heard of saddle sore? How about those of us that can't stay on a horse for 5 minutes without falling off, will we hit the floor at the first sign of turbulance. Are the kidlets meant to sit on these too? Back in the day, we were given 86cm in cattle class. Now on average we get 76cm. The Saddle seat means we get just 55cm. Might be worth airlines having a yoga warm up in the waiting lounge, to prepare your body for the flight.

Giddy up!
 But before you stress that the saddle seat might be coming to a plane near you, check out what RyanAir (Irish airline) was hoping to bring in. No, not police van travel for prisoners, this is the standing seat, you can pull out 10 rows of seats and add in 15 rows of standing spots. Don't worry about the service, there isn't any.

Wow, how comfy - trip to Europe anyone?

For the moment the safety standards are preventing the stand up seat for air travel, but who knows, maybe the metro can get these and I can stop sniffing underarms on the way home.


  1. I saw this first seat in MX today. I think that was where I spied it, over someone's shoulder too - speaking of commuting. Doesn't it look terrible. What happens if you fall asleep? Do you just slump to the floor?

    Hey, those furnishings you bought sound great and good prices. Sounds like you scored a good, old-fashioned, functional bargain.

  2. Katiecrackernuts I reckon you could find your own airline seat in one of your opshop haunts. Perhaps the next move could be BYO chair for planes!

  3. Oh, wow. I have been on a total of 5 air trips and wasn't thrilled at that, but if this were to happen I am sure I would avoid it at all costs!

  4. Becky, imagine doing this pregnant, ha ha ha, it would be horrible, but cheap!

  5. Oh my. I don't know how you can do this for long flight? And pregnant yikes. Maybe they'll have comfy seats for old people and pregnant women.

  6. Are you serious? There is NO WAY I'd get in any of those seats. As for Ryan Air, I flew with them for one hour a couple of years ago. Never. Again.

  7. Man I hate airlines. The 10 hour train trip to Melbourne is looking better and better all the time. x

  8. Even the model looks uncomfortable. And could you imagine trying to travel with a baby? *shudder*


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