Monday, September 6, 2010

No seat, no ride, baby!

Some of my followers (lovely people that you are) don't want to be reading about kids, so Annalise you can click off about now...

Other people might know that I am a safety girl. And road safety, especially kids car seats are something that I can get a bit cranky pants about.

It seems I am often alone in these thoughts, but small children are still injured so much in car accidents when the right seat could have made a difference.

Australia has new laws relating to child car seats, you can see a good summary here. The laws were changed after the tragic loss Isobelle Broadhead

But here in the BabbleMobile is the extra rule: no seat, no ride, baby! No children under the age of 7 will ride in our car without a seat that is harnessed in, no excuses, quick trip, back roads etc.

Recently a mother said to me she wasn't concerned about the new laws as she had tinted windows so no one could see what her children were riding in, I was amazed at how ridiculous the comment was. It is not about the fine or the points, but your childs life.

Even with the new changes, the parents of Jiyaa Jipson have asked for more assistance with knowing what to do. If you are not sure, please check it out, the most expensive seat is not always the best option. If you get the right seat, you will be using it for at least three years, so you will get some value out of it. But most importantly, don't allow any excuses for your child not to be cruising about in the safest seat you can get.

This image was poached from the Babology post on Maxi cosi


  1. Very good! (i like the photo too)
    i found my son too little for the booster before he was 4 and a half, i think it's good they changed the law.
    I still have my baby seat for a friend who has no car but a toddler girl. It's so important to NEVER make an exception on this!

  2. Never, ever, ever take the risk. That decision can make a difference for the rest of your life!
    Take care of those who can't take care of themselves and spread the word. Would you let your babies cross the road unaided? No. Then why put them at risk in your car! Please, just don't.

  3. With car seats that cute who wouldn't want to ride in them.

    It's one of those things you can't really risk in life. Our children are too precious. You would feel so much worse too if the death of another persons child was on your hands. It's scary how some people don't even care about the changed laws.


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