Thursday, September 23, 2010

Worry Wart tips

My name is ClaireyH, and I am a worry wart.

Have been since Popps was born. Have even called nurse on call after snipping her finger with the finger nail clippers one night.

So when it comes to rashes, coughs, rattles, germs, viruses and bugs I am the first lining up at the doctor. I have paid a fortune in doctors bills at 9pm at night, just to be sure.

However I am getting better. Immy has shown me a rash of some sort on her tummy today. I can't tell what it is, there are no other symptoms (crying, temperature etc) it kind of looks like severe carpet burn in the middle with rash on the outside. But I have learnt this tip from one of the kindly doctors I have possibly annoyed. Draw circles around the rash, that way you can tell if it is getting better (usually) or worse ( justifies a doctors visit).

Immy has been very excited to be drawn on, possibly wants me to draw all over her, so that could be the negative aspect of such a tip.

Share your worry wart reduction tips, if you have any...


  1. The circle rash thing is gold - as well as trust your instincts and do not allow yourself to be brushed aside by a medical professional if you know something is wrong...

    But because I cannot find your email address - I am going to have to post a bit extra here.

    Your comment on my blog today blew me away today. By far the nicest thing anyone has ever left on my blog. Thank you so very very much. Means more to me than you could know.

    Love Mrs Woog xox

  2. Trust you instincts.
    Mother knows best!!
    A good doctor will tell you that on :)

  3. finally you have let everyone know you are a woory wart and have been to the DRS more times than my 4 kids have.. germs do have a place....

  4. Love the drawings!!

    I'm the opposite of a worrywart. Sometimes I feel like I should worry more, but I'm an eternal optimist and just feel that all will work out in the end. Including most rashes, bumps, fevers, voms and the like.

    Go with how you feel. That's all I know. x


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