Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bargain sharing, if you're quick

Super quick post for anyone that goes through as much suncream as us.

Coles are getting rid of all the Cancer Council Toddler Suncream, as I was walking by the lady marked it down to 99 cents.

I bought this, but at usually around $12-$15 a pop, it was worth stocking up. It is not out of date, they just wont be stocking it anymore.

If the spring sun has you excited about summer, check if there is any left when you do the shopping.

For those wondering, this post was not sponsored by Coles, The Cancer Council or anyone else (Other than SS, chief breadwinner in this neck of the woods, who had to pay for them).


  1. Wow thanks will pick some up if I see it. Hope they're not discontinuing it to make way for a new Coles-brand toddler sunscreen. Hmmmm!

  2. MM the great lady who was putting the price in said they were just stopping the toddler version, the remaining CC products will remain. I am guessing that it might not be a huge seller. I have this in the big pump pack, it is a thick cream, so may not be ideal for some people, but I find the sun protection the best for the smalls.


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