Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday's Find

Cruising about blogworld throws a whole world of great stuff at you, things you will never read anywhere else. I am finding a range of great writers who entertain me with their stories, projects, ideas and creativity. So each Friday I will bring you my find of the week. A blog that I found and liked, or have been following and enjoying.

This week is Faux Fuchsia.

It is pink, it is polished, boy is it polished - nail polished of course. Faux Fuchsia starts her about me with "I endorse good grooming, glamour, blowdried hair....." She lets you know that she doesn't like chipped nail polish. With over 600 followers, I am not the only one to enjoy this blog on a regular basis.

Faux Fuchsia makes me laugh. She can write posts about the joys of having a neat linen cupboard and having a meal full of creamy carbs. She can inspire you to dust off some of the old stuff in the back of your wardrobe and match it with a thrifty find to ensure you are still 'well groomed'.

FF and I have little in common, I don't even wear nail polish on my fingers and my toenails are looking a bit, well, chipped is an understatement. My bookshelf may make her faint, or go into a frenzy of cleaning (please, do help yourself anyone who visits). But the underlying humour and the look at how peaceful a well organised and run home can be is a pleasant change from the gazillion (but great) mummy blogs out there.

There are too many posts to even try and pick a favourite, but if you like the idea of decluttering, get inspired with FF and see her amazingly neat wardrobe, I can't imagine having everything I own off the floor at the one time.

This is humour filled haute couture, without the hefty price tags. It is acknowledging the joy in beautiful things and the pleasure in taking the time to look after yourself and your appearance. It is also able to provide a little shove (with a sparkling stiletto probably) to get out of your trackie pants and put some effort in girl!

Let me know what you think of FF.


  1. I'm over from the blog hop!! I really want Faux Fuchsia to come over and sort out my linen closet.

  2. Loving Faux Fuchsia! She's a crack up- so funny, yet so fussy!

  3. Hi EmmaK, I want FF to sort out my whole house, on a monthly basis!

  4. I'll have to take a look. Love when bloggers recommend new finds. I must do it more often.
    Oh, that Walkman. And yes, I had an old tank of a Mazda 323 with tape melted to the dashboard. I could never get it off.

  5. Hello,
    Thankyou for mentioning my blog and saying such kind things. What's a Mummy Blog? My wardrobes are quite neat and tidy but if I don't keep them that way I can't find anything. I am very very busy so I find that if things are organised I can action tasks at the speed of lightning. Thankyou again, and how did you find my blog?

  6. Just found your beautiful blog through a link found on What a fantastic blog Faux Fuchsia is, thank you for sharing the link.


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