Monday, September 27, 2010

Mac Attack - not the burger kind.

A few posts back here I was wondering what to do with myself in the Apple Sphere.

And now the iPad is all mine.

Excuse me for a few days while I play with my new toy.

Will try to refrain from ending up like this.

For the desperate, the image is found here


  1. You early(ish) adopter you. Have fun :-)

  2. Oh, enjoy!!
    And that is extreme (the photo)

  3. First comment on the 'pad, slowly does it, email won't synch any tips?

  4. I am jeeeealous! Enjoy your new toy!! x

  5. Oooh how fun! I love my mac. no ipad in my future but I can imagine how good it is!
    Heidi xo

  6. That photo is hysterical! My mum, 66, also has a new iPad. Early(ish) adopters come in all shapes and sizes. I will show her this photo - I think she'll quite like the idea.

  7. I have a sore bicep from writing on the iPad, and I am still up reading blogs. iPad is bad for my health.

  8. I love my iPad. I went crazy at first and downloaded the first two seasons of True Blood to watch on it. Consequently our internet was SO slow because I went over download limit.

  9. Ohhhh, after many years with a PC I am contemplating the jump to Mac. I'm so close, I can almost smell the apple in the air... Have fun with the new toy. Have you bought any books on it yet?


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