Friday, October 1, 2010

Favourite Blog find week 3

Another week, another gem from the blogosphere.

They say if you want something done, then ask a busy person. I expect the writer of Cupcakes, Frocks and Pink is one of those kind of people. With two billy lids in tow she also runs a few businesses, works full time, and blogs.

But, Cupcakes Frocks and Pink has a new secret weapon (that is not so secret anymore) and I think I would like to clone Sandy and have her drop by the Babble House on a regular basis too. Sandy is a Professional Organiser, and the writer of Cupcakes, Frocks and Pink is happily sharing some of the tips that come from deciding to get a 'Sandy' in your life.

This site is pastel, pretty, easy, friendly, a nice place for your eye to gaze for a few moments in the middle of a busy work day, when you just need a break from the usual work screen (word or spreadsheets can get you down a bit when viewing them 8 hours a day).

There are many single photos that randomly appear and all of them are pleasing to see, they fit the theme of the blog and keep you wanting more. Pop over and say hello, and while you're there, check out the Feed Me box, Sandy has started...time I got myself a few of those too!


  1. Oooh you sell it very well! Off for a squizz now.... I need major organisation in my life right now ;)

  2. Clairey, you and I definitely like the same things. I've been a fan of Sandy's blog for quite a while now and it's a really nice place to be. Loving your 'finds', they are all alright by me!! Happy weekend to you. x

  3. great link.....thanks for sharing...Love to discover new blogs although I am already finding it hard keeping up with the ones I currently follow!

  4. Good choice for linkage - it's a great blog. :-)

  5. being me, you will want to get Sandy into your life too!

    Gill, I know what you mean, but there so much fun to be had in meeting new blogs and getting involved.

  6. Your amazing. I am speechless.

    Thank thank thank you.

    I will be blogging about this when I get home from work.

    Just so you know my name is Belinda. I write the blog. Xxxxxxxx

    Sandy is who I employed to organise me :)

  7. You made a few good points there. I did a search about the topic and barely found any specific details on other sites, but then happy to be here, really, appreciate that.

    - Lucas


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