Friday, August 27, 2010

Mail, mail everywhere

The fun of putting pen to paper is starting to roll in.

Fancy Pants pen has finally escaped from the box, only to remind me of the patience that is required to use a real nib and ink pot. While sitting down and playing scribe is something that I would like to find some more time to do, the reality is that the poppets at my feet always want to join in. And poppets and ink wells do not mix.

I have enjoyed finding random cards and items to send to some lovely friends and even more so have been the lucky recipient of some mail too. It really is a joy to get a card in the mail with a message from a friend just to say hello and to share some news.

If you need some inspiration, or just like to look at gorgeous cards, handmade by some other Aussie creative types, head over it Made it.

This is from Moon Mum

A whole package from pixels plus paper

Or something classy and hand drawn from Red Letter Studio

I hope everyone else that has taken an interest is enjoying the fun of shopping for cards, or using their creative ideas for some interesting things to mail around the world. Over at Melbourne Mumma, she is one organised lass, after joining the challenge she went out and collected everything she needed for the six week deal and set out a strategy to ensure she was going to complete it. She even managed to blog about it and share the idea around.

So, what have you all been sending out there?

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  1. oooh I love special cards and letters - no-one ever sends mail anymore!

    thanks for your comment! you can certainly link me and my oats in a jar post. I linked another lady who i got the idea off :)

    I will add the subscribe gadget soon! lots more tweaking to do - thanks for the reminder!

    Heidi xo


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