Friday, August 20, 2010

Flat Stanley joins the challenge

Well it seems that the creche is getting into the handwriting theme right now too. Today when I picked Popps up (rather late, she was one of the last five there) we had Flat Stanley to bring home too. Flat Stanley was attached to a note for parents.

The children had to decorate Flat Stanley, but ours had a few lines of purple pencil and that was it, I asked what happened to make him the most boring little Flat Stanley possible, Popps let me know that she was too busy being the helper, pushing the food trolley back to the kitchen. So the most boring Flat Stanley ever has to be sent with a letter, by post, to someone else. To someone who will send him back with a letter and a photo of where boring ol' Flat Stanley has got to. Over dinner we discussed who we could send him too.

Popps: "Actually, I want to keep him, I don't want to give him away"
Me: " You'll get him back, he's just going on a holiday, and whoever you send him too will let you know what he gets up to."
Popps: "hmmm, maybe my cousin, and my friend from kinder, and my Granny, and my friend in Geelong."
Me: " Mmm, you only have one boring ol' Stanley."
Popps: "Yes, that's why I want to keep him."

For anyone looking for a project to help children understand about writing letters, the Flat Stanley Project is a fun way to get started. It is based around the children's book Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown, "Stanley Lambchop is a normal boy who finds himself flattened by a bulletin board, but that doesn't stop his adventures. He is sent through the mail to places all around the world, where friends and family take him on trips, see sights, and increase the knowledge of the world of not only Stanley but also anyone reading the book."

While I get writing on my letters this weekend, Popps will be able to get working on her own writing project. Can't wait to see where boring ol' Stanley ends up.

Due to Popular demand, here is the boring ol' Flat Stanley,
Boring Ol' Flat Stanley
Stanley starts to get some colour


  1. Oooooh I bet he's not really so boring... Is he? I want shots!!

  2. Ok, will show you the before and after shots, over the weekend he was attacked with the textas.

  3. He looks very nice ! Hope l get one in the mail!

  4. oooh thanks for the heads up. my kids will love this too


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