Thursday, August 12, 2010

What's in a name?

We put hours into deciding on the names of the girls, but has it all been for nothing?

At 1and a half the word explosion is happening for Imogen and her name seems to have morphed into Mimi, at first I thought she was saying Me Me Me all the time, but it is definitely Mimi. Certainly not a name that was on the original list. But, that gorgeous baby voice calling out Mimi, Mimi's, (as in, ITS MINE GIVE IT BACK) is too cute, and we all keep repeating the name. Is this how people end up with a name that was never supposed to be?

Are you called by the name your parents wanted?

Have fun creating your own nickname!


  1. My cousins name was Amanda, but as a baby she got the nickname Salamanda, which later became just Sal. I met up with her recently and asked her how that works now that she is older. Guess what? She actually changed it by deed-poll!

  2. I have about 5 nicknames. All relate to different stages of my life! Really they do. From school to a short stint a uni, to my working career and 3 different nicknames over the past 16 years!!

    Funny isnt it. I think the main ones that stick are ones that directly relate to your actual name and more often than not, your surname. Take care.


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