Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oobi doobi

I have little crushies on baby fashion items. For the last 12 months or so I just seem to be surrounded by Oobi Baby items. I love the vintage style that they favour. So a few months ago I set off to get a great professional photo of the two of them in their new Oobi outfits. Miss 4 in her super swirly Darcy skirt and Miss 1 in a cute little tulip tennis skirt. I wanted just one photo of the two of them together. An hour later and we had an image, they look amazing. But what you see is just them and a couple of cheapie white singlets. What they were wearing was totally it should be for all of us.
The image was taken at Morffew Photos in Doncaster, this is a lo res scan. This image can not be reproduced.


  1. What a absolutely beautiful photo. I love the expression on AS's face!

  2. Gee they're cute --they must have lovely looking grandparents!

  3. Pretty happy with the pedigree I would think!


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