Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back in the Habit

Have decided to join along with the team at the potty mouth mama blog and try and see if we can change some habits around this place, mainly mine, but to benefit us all.

I will have to hereby declare to attempt to change the following:

1) As with everyone else - drink more water.
2) Attempt a daily walk; rain, hail or shine, and not allowing a trip to the letter box to suffice.
3) Attempt to cook some new meals for the family, not masterchef style, just fast, nutritious, cheap and yummy.
4) Actually hang out all loads of washing, no going to bed with a load still in the machine
5) Make sure I call at least one old friend each week for a catch up.

What little habits would you or have you managed to change lately. What inspiration and ideas can you give me to keep me on track.


  1. I'll expect a call and visit pretty soon then!!

  2. I like it! Did you manage to get the button? Or you can head over to and she has all the details of how to put it in. But no biggie!

    I like your habits!


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