Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guilt free shopping

There are so many charities and causes that choosing one (or some) that you want to support can be difficult. Every charity has a reason of why they need your cash more than you need a new pair of sparkly shoes, though I do need a new pair (please universe, they are not in my new Ms Thrifty budget allowance).

Charities have had to get savvy, cool and happening to keep up with our lifestyles and ensure they are hanging out in the same places we are. They need to remind us of reasons to give and give us a bit of a prod (sometimes with an electric cattle zapper prodder).

But sometimes you can support a charity, shop online and get a bargain (woohoo, HAT TRICK!)

Project 18 is a charity set up by an Aussie woman to look after Bali's street kids. One of her fundraising tools is to have a monthly auction of donated goods on facebook, bound to grow over time but there are currently not alot of people bidding for some desirable stuff. Last month I forgot to click back and bid on an item - RRP $440 which sold for $85. The August auction is on in a week - Tues 24 August - and the theme is 'handmade stuff'. There are some quirky individual pieces up for grabs which I have my eye on:

Cool bag for the pool, or trendier than my current nappy bag.

stylish tees for the girls

just so cute, can see it with little denim skirt and walnut red shoes

Just fun to have, I am sure to fill it with something.
This is what I call Guilt Free Shopping.

For more about Project 18 
You need to go to the face book page to take part in the auction fun.


  1. yes that is trendy bag.. Always great to see new ideas . and it is for a great cause shop up.

  2. Wow, that's a fantastic idea. I mean, really awesome. I wonder if she'd be interested in a donation of some of our stock? I've even got some balinese fair trade pants that would go with the theme.

    I've clicked "like" in Facebook to bookmark her to contact later. Thanks so much for posting this. This is the reason I love blogs.

  3. Hi Nadiah,
    They are always happy to get things, I am sure if you don't make it for this month the next one (in time for Christmas)will just have more followers, thus, good for you, good for them and good for us online shoppers searching for a bargain!

  4. Christmas - that's a great idea. I will do so.


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