Friday, August 13, 2010

Phone habits

As you know I am trying to get back in the habit, playing along with the game at pottymouthmama, where a few of us are trying to get NEW habits.

I was attempting to call an old friend for a catch up each week and YAY for me, success. In fact, great success, not only did my old friend from Grade 5 and I chatter away for two hours, we are also catching up next week, yep, in the flesh, it has only been nearly two years so we are both thrilled with ourselves for getting organised once and for all. It was marvellous to just chatter away as though we still see each other every other day and a reminder of how much I value her friendship. No matter how long between chats and catch ups we just pick up where we left off and continue the conversation, and talk and talk and talk...

Bring on next week, I can't wait to see her.

And, I admit I was meant to be attempting to start walking, but with such success on this task, I think I needed a rest.

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  1. You absolutely deserved a rest! Tick that off your list, yay for yoU!


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