Monday, August 9, 2010


I love white.

White clothes, white walls, white furniture. There is a house I regularly drive by that has a white picket fence, is painted white, white roof. I love it, one day I want a house that white.

I recently purchased these little white beauties, I love them.

When Popps was 2 and I was heavily pregnant with Immy I bought our new couch, WHITE LEATHER, sure the salesman said, it is really easy to keep clean, just give it a wipe with leather cleaner every couple of weeks.

It is beautiful.

It is filthy.

The main enemy of the beautiful beast - dark denim jeans. I would like anyone who visits me in new jeans to sit on the floor, but they might think I have gone a bit mad. I would also like to suggest they know the rules of the house when we don't have visitors - no eating on the couch. But that just isn't manners.

I am close to giving up on scrubbing the thing clean, every two weeks has become every 3-4, but when I give her a bit of attention out comes that lovely white look that I love so much and I know I will clean that damn couch forever.


  1. Ooopsies, think I have happily munched in my dark demin jeans on said couch.

  2. Also love white! But I don't think I'll be patient enough to keep them squeky clean so I'd rather not have them in my house.

    Thanks for visiting my blog by the way. I will be a regular visitor here.

  3. Your post just made me feel better about my longed-for white couch! At the moment ours are caramel suede so they're a practical colour and an impractical fabric. So each time I look at them and think about white ones I'll think of your post and wait a bit longer :) Love those new chairs!

  4. argh. white couch.
    my husband decided we needed a 7 seater for our patchwork family's television bliss, and we thought the beautiful off-white would somewhat make it look less massive (not really).
    the first few months were ok, but now everybody is eating, sweating, playing and shedding fur on it, not to mention the red dust of we are graced with in the redlands, that i have sort of given up on it. i clean it, but i hate it.
    then my dogthing suddenly started eating the couch (he sleeps outside now) and my hopes are up that we will replace it, say in about 2 years. good dog.
    love and used to have many white things but i thing i am a bit over it now. you'll


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