Sunday, August 29, 2010

To Mac or not to Mac

I want a new toy. I really want a superdooper new laptop.

I would love a new desktop and a new laptop, but funds limit me to making a choice, and due to said lack of funds, the choice will have to hang around for sometime. So I need some help to get the right gizmo.

If you had the choice to have a Mac on the desk, or a Mac book Pro, or just an iPad, which would it be?

Or do I not even get a Mac? After reading this hilarious post I will feel like a bit of a tosser walking around with one, so true, so funny.

I should put it out there that I am so far behind, I don't have an iPhone, infact not even an iPod.

Is it time I gave Apple some love?


  1. I don't own any Apple products. I did use someone elses mac for a couple minutes and the mouse and keyboard felt very strange to use lol

  2. MMBB are we the only two left that have not filled our lives with Apples?

  3. No way I'll ever get a desktop again, Apple or PC it will be a laptop. If the tax man is generous this year, I would love to think that I would go out and blow it on a pretty funky Mac book pro and join the cool crowd, but because I have always had a PC I would probably just end up buying a new toshiba laptop. I have an ipod which has more audio books on it than music [how dull!] and I do posses a whole lot of iphone envy :)

  4. I've only recently discovered Apple products, a little behind the times aren't I ?
    Although i've had an iPod for a few years because I love my music. And i'm loving my new iPhone 4, although such a time waster at the moment.
    I'm now looking at getting a Mac Book because my good old Asus laptop has seen better days. And if I be really good I think Santa might bring me an iPad. So yes i've gone from having none to being a little obsessed with it all.

  5. Oh Rebekah, SS wants an IPhone 4 - are you loving it? I am worried it might be a big time waster that also sucks up a few dollars if you are not careful.

  6. I think it's only a time waster at the moment because it's new and it's still a novelty but it has certainly been handy so far. I actually did a blog post on it on Saturday, yes i'm sad.
    Plus if you get a decent plan you'll never go over your cap usage because they give you a lot. Mine for example gives me 2.5mb a month which i'll never even get close too.

  7. I LOVE my MacBook! It was delivered to me (I bought it new on ebay) the day I began my maternity leave, two years ago. It has never once crashed, frozen or broken down on me. Touch wood.

    It. is. awesome.

  8. Megan, you are sounding very much like the Creatives I work with.

    Good to know you got it off ebay too, never thought to look there for a major purchase.

  9. Hi Cairey - thanks so much for popping by the Fibro today. I hope you follow your dream and find yourself working with cool kids like LMRH every day. I love my Apple desktop. I type a LOT and like the flexibility of the full-size, separate keyboard. Having said that, I do plan to buy a laptop soon - but as well, not instead of.


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