Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Purchasing Girl Power

My work lunch today had me reading the Marketing mag and I came across the article on Gender Marketing by Alison Copley. While my experience is based on services, I love reading about great ideas in the market place. Copley discusses companies that have successfully marketed to women and how they do, she mentions the stats about how us women folk tend to be making all the decisions these days (as if we haven't always!) deciding on around 80% of purchases made for our families.

Copley mentions Femme Den, a group of four lovely ladies who are "fed up with poor packaging for women...(and)share the collective aim of 'saving good women from bad products.'"

This got me thinking about products I buy that could use a facelift. Such as, razors, surely a tastefully decorated tin, with a child proof lid could work nicely in my bathroom, preventing them being left at the bottom of drawers, showers, on the basin and within reach of inquisitive little fingers. Or, what about beanbags, the girls laze about in designer bags and SS would love (but wont be getting) some horrible big 'manbag' but what about some that are sewn in fabrics that may even match the rest of the house, in fabrics that I would be happy to pick up off the floor each day. How about a pot plant that came with detailed instructions, rather than 'likes a sunny spot'...mmmm, well, don't we all.

But what I really need help with (after losing it again today) are security passes. You know, that little plastic card that does nothing for you other than get you in to where you would rather not even be, but you need to have it hanging around all day. I prefer not to accessorise with it as a necklace (apologies to those that do), don't wear 'man-suits' with bulky pockets and can't be carrying around my bulky handbag to every meeting. So, designers out there, get your skates on and help me out...what do you suggest?

What do you buy that needs a makeover, or do you let the men in your life have any purchasing power?


  1. Maybe a lil' something like this?

    I think branded passes would be great (even if a bit of overkill).

    Depends on the business.

  2. I love the idea of accessorising passes - but the concept of somewhere to stick my razor is even more attractive (so to speak).

  3. I can't help but think that a built-in tissue dispenser in my handbag would be a very handy thing for a mum! x


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