Saturday, October 5, 2013

Frocktober Day 5: Frocks are the Fun Police

Today I have my first Frocktober Guest. Katrina is suggesting that frocks are the fun police, yet I think she actually had some fun writing this post and digging out some old numbers from her past. Make her welcome.

Frocking Rules

I don't do floral, frills or frocks and until my late 20’s I refused to wear pink. I’m most comfortable wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of converse.

I remember most of the frocks I have worn in my life; there have been so few of them. As a child when I attended Sunday school I was required to dress ‘properly’ so I would either wear the pastel pattern dress or the purple/blue check pinafore. The year my grandmother passed away the bubble skirt was fashionable and so I wore a black and white bubble dress to her funeral. 

For the year 10 formal I wore a homemade pale green lace dress (sadly I still have it hanging in the wardrobe, although I will NOT be wearing it again). There is also the wedding dress.

That’s pretty much my history of dresses, not very impressive. My inability to embrace the frock is because I'm all about practicality and frocks are so impractical.

I grew up in not so sunny Tasmania - the home of the Australian Antarctic Division and the port for the Aurora Australis icebreaker. It's frocking cold there, and it’s hard to hide the goose bumps. I suppose that could be fixed with 500 denier leggings but I don’t love those either.

On a windy day I can’t pull off the Marilyn Monroe look, and if I want to have a spontaneous kick of the soccer ball at the park, or fly on a flying fox, a frock would stop me. 

Frocks are the fun police.

There are many rules for frock wearing; here are the main ones:

  • Make sure your frock is not tucked into your underwear after a visit to the ladies
  • Don’t stand over grates on the footpath
  • Master the appropriate way to get in and out of a vehicle
  • Make sure the frock is pulled down as far as it can go when you sit in a car  – don’t give those truck drivers any entertainment
  • Don’t bend over, squat, stretch up high – essentially don’t move

Now that I live in a warmer climate and summers are quite hot, I am trying to introduce frocks into my work wear. I sit most of the day in an office, so that lessens the risk of any frock mishaps. Here is my most recent purchase, it’s been tried on many times but this is the first time I have kept it on and left the house. Small steps.

Do you agree? Are frocks the fashion police?

Katrina is a writer in the corporate world by day and a blogger by night. Her blogs are about her ambitious journey trying to do it all – fulltime career, part time university studies, being a mother and a wife. Katrina writes about how she manages (or not) to achieve work life balance.
Twitter: @keep_reflect


  1. I agree with you that I am more comfortable in jeans, a t and converse!
    I very rarely wear dresses - only to weddings normally.

  2. Life is too short to be uncomfortable

  3. lord - I just proved I skim posts. I scrolled quickly down and was like - man Claire looks hugely different as a young girl - in fact even her hair and face were a different colour. Then I was even more confused when I saw 'modern day' Claire and thought I was on the wrong blog. No. Just a very long day. Rocking the frock Katrina! I may actually wear a frock like that one...I tend to mainly wear one to Christmas Day - that's about it...(though am starting to work them more into my wardrobe, as it is just truly too summer)

    1. Thanks. Sorry about the confusion. Claire was kind enough to include me in her frock challenge


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