Thursday, October 3, 2013

Frocktober Day 3: Skirting the Issues

Is wearing a skirt ok? I think it is, Immy thinks agrees, so we are going with it for today.

This afternoon I had to take the girls off to a few errands, we got caught in the rain and found ourselves shivering and wet at the shops. Immy was regretting her stocking choice, but she is also quite willing to suffer for her fashion. Much more than I am.

The idea for Frocktober is not to go out and make purchases, the aim is to dig out things from the cupboard and wear those and pass on a few dollars to the cause instead of buying more clothes. So today I am decked out in items circa 2009. Man I love black.

I was scanning the web to find my next snippet about ovarian or lady bits cancer and I found this lovely idea from another blogger.

Daniella is a talented illustrator and is adding some fun to Frocktober. Designing a free printable paper doll, Daniella is also providing a new outfit for your paper doll every day for the month. Talk about talented. I love the idea. In return she is asking that you throw a couple of pennies towards her fundraising account. This is what Paper Doll Emily is looking like already. Click the image to go to the blog and log in each day for your new outfit.

Today's Outfits:
Immy: Skirt - Oobi, Stockings - no idea, Long sleeve tee - target, Shoes - Cotton On
Me: Skirt - Target, Long sleeve tee - Country Road, Cardigan - Sussan, Necklace - Elk, Stockings Berlei Dig Free


  1. Loving your elk necklaces. And there's nothing wrong with a bit of Melbourne Blacks in Melbourne. That's exactly what they're for. x

  2. Looking fine - both you and Immy. My girls love those ballerina skirts. They dress up wearing two (one up top and one as a skirt) and pretend they're dancers. Oh to have that imagination again.

  3. I LOVE Immy's skirt. I wonder if it would come in my size?

  4. Two gorgeous ladies out on the town! I love the paper dolls too. Aren't people clever!


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