Monday, October 28, 2013

Frocktober Guest Post: Emily and An Ode to Denim

An Ode To Denim

I know, I know - it's Frocktober and I'm singing the praises of denim. The stuff of jeans and shorts and jackets and shirts (preferably not worn all at once). Bear with me. 

As I'm writing this we're about two thirds of the way through a month of frocks, and so far my denim dress count is five. Yep, five. With at least two more to go. That means about one in four of my frocks have been denim. And I may have just bought another one (this sweet Summer number from French Connection). Clearly I have a problem.

But there is something so effortless awesome about a denim dress. I can't resist. They make for the perfect 'throw it on and don't think about it' outfit, for those mornings when deciding what to wear is just too much. They are generally ridiculous comfortable, but because they are denim - the fabric of choice for rockers and rollers, cowboys and outlaws, since way back - they still manage to look a little bit hip, a little bit edgy. 

My favourite go to is the denim shirt dress, with a button or three down the front and sleeves you can roll up as the day warms up. I have a few of these that I basically live in when it's not Frocktober. I bought them when I was living in Asia, from Muji and Uniqlo. I'm also a fan of the denim sack dress, a bit boxy and shapeless, like the one from asos that I wore on day fifteen. Day twenty saw me in another favourite - one of those dresses that I will really miss when it wears so thin it falls apart (which it will at some point, because I wear it so often). It's a cross between a traditional fit and flare frock and a sack dress, and it somehow manages to be old fashioned and modern all at once. It's from Zara and I adore it.

Have you embraced the denim dress?

ps. Don't forget why we're doing all this - to support the important work of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Any donation you can make, big or small, helps fund research into the causes of ovarian cancer and may help develop a life saving early detection test.

Catch Emily on her blog to see the rest of her Frocktober goodness. 


  1. I looooove denim dresses! They are just super cute and comfy too!

    1. Yes! Nice to meet another denim dress lover :)

  2. I've never been a denim dress wearer, but Emily may have convinced me to give them a go! :)


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