Wednesday, October 30, 2013

5 new things I have learnt this spring.

Some months you think there has just been nothing new that you have learnt, but that's not true, there is always something new happening around you. Well, there is for me anyway.

This spring, here are five things I have gathered to keep in my brain.

1 ) Lactose free lite milk will not whip. No matter how long you try and no matter which gadget you throw at it. If you want great thick cream I suggest just buying some double cream and accepting it with all of it's apparent unhealthy glory. Just don't share it with anyone that is on a lactose free diet.

2) People can be allergic to the colours in tattoo inks. I don't have, and will never have a tattoo. I just don't get them, no idea why, I also don't get tongue piercings, but that's just me. So when the lovely lady waxing my eyebrows got chatting about her coloured arms and mentioned she is very careful about the colours she chooses, I was surprised, but apparently some people get awful reactions to having dyes permanently applied to their skin. Apparently some people have blood systems that don't like injections of ink going in to them and you need to careful with the type you choose.

3) A pigeon can explode.

4) A kangaroo skull is the best thing ever to take to show and tell at kinder and can be re-used for the big girl the following week - show and tell sorted for both kids - this is parenting gold! Just go walking in the bush until you find one.

5) Ja'me Private School Girl is a disappointing watch so far, but that's ok, because the show that follows, Agony Aunts is totally worth watching. Funny woman talking about previous relationships, dating, partners and love, funny but also mature woman. There is so much to laugh at, and nod your head to.


  1. Secretly, I must confess to not 'getting' the whole Chris Lilley thing. I always feel as though someone should stand up and scream "The Emperor's got no clothes!" But hey, I didn't (still don't) get Seinfeld and even the Simpsons is a bit of a whoosh, over my head, so obviously I am no judge of popular culture.

  2. I'm intrigued about the exploding pigeon....

  3. I did not know that about colour tattoos. I am planning one, I wonder how you know/find out - you know, other than having it done and becoming ill.
    Very interesting points. I have learned 5 new things today, thanks!

  4. I allergic to henna I found out.

  5. I need to know how you know a pigeon can explode.

  6. Seriously no3., I don't even want to know how you came to learn that!


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