Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 12 Frocktober: Say Hello to Magdalena!

Hello! My name is Magdalena and I blog over at The Craft Revival. I haven't always been a dress-lover. In fact until about 3 years ago, I was a jeans and heels kinda gal. And back then I only wore skirts to work. They were deemed as my work attire. So if I had seen Clairey's callout for guest-posters 3 years ago, I wouldn't have answered the call. Lucky for me though, I now adore dresses. Especially vintage or vintage repro ones.

Back in high school I was more of a tomboy and despite taking home economics and catering as elective subjects, I didn't have many skills in either of those areas. Much to my mother's disappointment. But she moved on. And so did I!

I've always been creative, but in an unconventional manner. I like exploring different techniques and despite still being quite crap at cutting straight lines, I can now sew. In straight lines even! I make clothes for me and have started making dresses for my littlest who is almost 15 months. Her older brother completely missed out on the whole clothes-sewing thing. Maybe that's a good thing. He's at that "too cool for school" age. As if he needs his mum sewing clothes for him!

I've never been one for studying. So why should sewing be any different. Which means that I'm pretty much self taught. Except for the couple of zip tutorials which I watched online. And let me tell you, if you've ever attempted to make a vintage style dress from a dress pattern, you almost require a degree to understand those instructions. I think that part takes longer than the actual stitching of fabric panels. Sheesh.

The thing that most draws me to the vintage style dresses is all the little details. Such as bows and lining and wider shoulders and darts in all sorts of places. The shapes back then were super flattering in all the right places and if you're a skinny-minny like me, then you can give yourself the illusion of a bigger bust and hips by selecting a style of dress that will emphasise those areas for you. 

So the dress I'm wearing for you today is completely handmade by me using a re-released 1956 dress pattern - Butterick B5603 from their retro range. In its entirety the dress cost me around $14 to make (not including labour hours). Not bad I say. And so much more fulfilling when people ask where I bought it to be able to say - "I made it myself".


Don't forget the reason behind Frocktober (and subsequently my guest post) is to help raise funds and awareness for Ovarian Cancer Research. So jump on over here and sponsor Clairey! You can give as little (or as much) as you like!


  1. Gorgeous dress! Wish I could sew...or at least have the patience to learn to!

  2. Love the dress. Makes me want to get out the sewing machine and start sewing again. I have a half finish dress that I started last year! Sewing is low on the priority list right now though. Will have to get motivated to get it finished.

  3. it looks gorgeous! love your choice of fabric too - lovely and happy. My Mother is a wonderful seamstress but never had the patience to show my sister and i how to sew...such a shame as I struggle to find clothes I like and to my body shape. Maybe I should just give it a go!

  4. I love this dress so much! Such a gorgeous cut and that fabric - WOW! Amazing.

    (ps. your story of discovering frocks late in life - yep, yep and yep!)

  5. That dress is kind of amazing.


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