Friday, October 4, 2013

Frocktober Day 4: A walk in the park

Yeah baby.

Today we made it to the park for a play, in dresses.

There were monkey bars that spin, friends to eat treats with, a flying fox and great company. My friend was wearing a dress, mainly because I think she rocks a maxi like I will never be able to do, it's one style I have never conquered, but I am claiming it as a win for Frocktober too.

Sometimes the simple good moments in life are best played out without someone clicking a camera at you, so the images are few. But the challenge has been met.

Check out that long hair, if she was ever to want to cut it all off, then I think I would just have to send it the Beautiful Lengths campaign, a place that uses donated hair to make wigs for people that have lost their hair due to cancer treatment. Good wigs are pricey and we all know that when you are battling an illness all your efforts go into getting better, not making money and splurging on a wig would be tough for many. I love a bit of recycling/upcycling/freecycling and donating hair is about as easy as it gets. (Except they don't want hair that's been coloured, which leaves me out).

I have some wonderful guest posters visiting for the weekend talking all about what dresses mean to them and why they are involved in Frocktober, please call back and say hello to them. 
As for me, I will see you Monday!

Me: Grey tunic dress with ribbon detail which Immy tells me makes me look pregnant, but I have heard it so often now I just ignore her, Voodoo winter leggings, if you can find these BUY them, best $20 ever spent, they are warm and cosy, they are also worn out but I can't find more.

Immy: Skivvy - Soda, Dress - Target, Jumper - Target, Stockings - Fred Bare, Shoes - Airflex Crochet Beanie - handed down 

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