Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 18 Frocktober: The dog nearly licked my dress

Are you wearing a dress?

I am. But I am not blogging as much as I was hoping I would be. Same old excuse - TIME.

I blame parents and friends meetings, school orientation meetings, tennis, ballet, work, trips to Sydney and Mt Washmore. Ok, I can't really blame Mt Washmore as I am not evening keeping up with that.

When I announced that I was doing Frocktober a couple of businesses sent me some things to support my efforts, one of those was Fashionista Depot. One of the dresses they sent me was this one.

I wore it to work the other day, lucky I work indoors as this is a light and floaty and not ideal on a windy day number.

I asked Immy to get a photo. See that dog, see that tongue? Yep, the dog wanted a piece of that dress. This is the level of professional photography you get around here.  No photoshopping to make things look better than they are.

Today's Fact about Lady Bits Cancer:

The main cause of cervical cancer is now known to be infection with human papillomavirus (HPV). There are also other known risk factors. 

If something's not right in your lady bits - ask your doctor for a check up. 


  1. You've done so well to post so many days throughout Frocktober. Well, after major tests I'm still going through even more. All from a pap smear. How's that? Also, a work colleague was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer on Wednesday. Without chemo, she's been given 2 months to live. She's the same age as me (42). I can't tell you how devastating it's been for her family (and for us too). Thank you for being someone who has raised awareness of this silent killer. It's changed a few lives around this way! x

    1. Oh Kym, that is just the worst news. TWO MONTHS. Tell your friend that women everywhere are fighting for her. Lady Bits Cancers are secretly attacking so many, so we must all be vigilant and keep on researching until we find a solution.

      I hope your own tests are sorted out soon and that you are in good health.


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