Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 27 Frocktober Guest Post: Skinny Girls have body issues too

Chicken legs, skin & bones, anorexic- these are all the names I’ve been called. And before you roll your eyes and sigh “oh you poor skinny girl” just bear with me for a moment.

I’ve always been a petite girl. I don’t actively exercise or diet, it’s just the way my body is. Now that I’m older I realise what a blessing this is but when I was younger I saw it as a curse. As a teenager you would never catch me wearing a dress. Even on a 30 degree day I would prefer to wear pants. Anything to cover my legs. Maxi dresses and leggings just weren’t a thing back then so they weren’t an option. It was only when I went to a catholic school where it was mandatory for girls to wear dresses during summer that I gritted my teeth and put on dress. The whole time I felt self-conscious and vulnerable. Why? Because I had constantly been teased for being skinny and ‘chicken legs’ was a name that was often directed towards me. I still remember one particular mean girl in high school spreading a rumour that I was anorexic. Now I’m not sharing any of this for sympathy or compliments my point is simply this...nobody should judge anybody based on their body size.

Nobody should feel they have the right to comment on anybody else’s body size. Please don’t tell a stranger they should eat more to put ‘some meat on their bones’ when you don’t know how much they eat. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t tell a larger person to eat less. You may not realise it but it’s just as offensive. Yes, I’m here to tell you that skinny girls have body confidence issues too As I’ve grown older those taunts have turned into compliments. It’s sad that my confidence is so reliant on what other people say but sometimes that’s the reality. Today, my favourite thing to wear is a dress.

I still have moments where I feel self-conscious but I’ve gotten better and I’ve realised I’d rather be comfortable in a light dress than thick pants on a stinkin hot day! So I embrace the frock and I hope you do too whatever your size may be! And what better reason to get frocked up than to get involved in Frocktober & raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Centre.

Thank you to Sarah from Sarahdipity for guest posting on my blog today. You can also say hello to Sarah on her facebook page.


  1. It's true. No-one should feel free to comment on your body (unless it's a compliment) Glad you've embraced dresses, you look sensational!

  2. YES. This was me. Everyone told me I was lucky, I was told to EAT more times than I can remember (this despite eating far more than most of my friends), but you don't feel so lucky when your hip bones jut out and you can count your ribs! (And when your chest is concave!) Great post. And LOOOOVE that dress!

  3. Exactly Emily!! Thanks for taking the time to comment x

  4. From a fellow chicken legger, I know how you feel! P.S You look fab by the way!


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